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    Callaway 580 Test Drives

    Well guys and gals, While Chris was in Kansas I got to test drive the 08 Callaway 580. I had the privilege of Mr. Zoner allowing me to drive a 560 on the PA turnpike last year. I'm here to say WOW is an understatement. It's taken me a week to post! First summary before the description, I...
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    Some Callaway Camaros for sale right now

    Pull the trigger man!
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    ...how long until Callaway releases #001 of THIS!!!!

    ALL of it is " Butt Ugly !"
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    What Oil FIlter Do We Need For Judging?

    So we need the champion for judging?
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    ...how long until Callaway releases #001 of THIS!!!!

    Funny seeing the hitch, I imagine designed for those 5th wheel diagnostic tools. I really love the car, though I'm not a fan of the tail either. The concept looked alot better than that. What car ever has flair "UP" at the shoulders? Certainly not the 69 model design sample. A Callaway version...
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    Is this a production Alfa TT or a kit??

    Not saying anything about these particular cars authenticity:------only making a comment. They may have very well worked with and fitted a particular intercooler, and once determined it would work well, incorporate the name into further production with the supplier?
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    Callaway Double D Exhast Tips??

    Tony, NORCAL SS, I've seen your name on the SS forum. Awesome truck. I test drove one and was sold, but all the tranny talk got me spooked! Good luck on the tips, that would look great.
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    For Sale, SuperNaturally...

    Now there's a great way to go fast for not alot!
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    Callaway in Germany

    I'm starting to plan a trip in Sept. to see my son in Austria, and it looks like flying in to Munich. SOOO... it's only fitting to rent a car and head straight to Leingarten! Any ideas, requests, photos wanted, driving impressions, C16 souvenir's, etc? Reeves said he would " hook me up if going...
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    What is your opinion on custom Callaway emblems?

    Brangeta, Please take this in a reasonable constructive way. I know you are a true Callaway fan and future owner! But please already, This is after all the CORVETTE Action Center and you continually post about C8's. Yes we think it's a great part of Callaway Chevrolet history, but really. Can we...
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    Range Rover

    I owned a RR of that era, although not a Callaway. It was the 4.6 but did lack the grunt, so I'm sure the Callaway package would be the way to go. IMO: The good- Without a doubt my favorite everyday auto. The best riding SUV hands down. Just-right size, killer looks, best seats, lux finish, etc...
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    Range Rover

    Did that answer your Question???? HAHA On this forum, ask and you shall receive! Thanks, Chris
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    Callaway Viewers

    Has everyone else noticed also! When I do my almost daily check-in to the callaway forum, what used to be a couple online viewers has now become 11-13 etc. people at once. Lots of lurkers and new members. As Chip and Lance say, " Life is Good "
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    Bloomington Report

    OK! Start sounding off! We now know Chris has added Certification Judge to his many talents, and he knows which airport to fly in to, BUT, besides him and I- kruzmisl at vettesundercover booth, WHO'S coming. Two weeks out and the bloods starting to boil! Know what I mean Vern?
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    Autoshow Z06 in KC

    WOW, seen all of the pictures, BUT, seeing the new Z06 (silver) in person was impressive. Definately an aggressive looking machine. It was on the turnstile so could not get real close. Surprised the car made it to KC, not traditionaly a #1 show.
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    Intercooler Removal

    Looks like a simple removal, but how hard are they to reinstall into the older rubber fitting with such a bulge, especially on the outlet?
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    $100.00 for dymag lug nuts!!!!!!!

    Since I'm refinishing etc. thought I would put on new lug nuts. Chevy said over 5 bucks a-piece! x 20. Wow, think I'll put mine on the buffing wheel. We are going to get killed in the future on parts we can even still get.
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    Dymag numbers? Brake Pads?

    Whew! Got kruzmisl up on 4 jack stands, center caps were a pain, what a bad design, but Dymags fuse to the rotor after 15 years!!!! Finally broke free, wd40 and time. Anybody know what the numbers stand for on the back? G130LN4 G28MN4 G22MN6 G83LN4 Date codes? Anyway this project for new rubber...
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