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  1. stepinwolf

    For Sale FS 1957 Corvette Project for only 45K

    Moderator, Corvette has been sold. Please remove post robert.pelland@cgocable.ca
  2. stepinwolf

    W-Info 1957 Speedometer help needed

    In the process of building a resto mod, and need to find supplier/restorer that could convert the present mechanical unit to electronics for use with an LS engine and a 4L60 tranny, and convert or modify the face plate to show speed in KPH rather then the MPH normally seen. Does any one have...
  3. stepinwolf

    One of my previous restorations is for sale

    Check out For sale original 425HP 66 Big Block coupe in C2-Car's and Parts for sale. Stepinwolf
  4. stepinwolf

    For sale original 425HP 66 Big Block coupe

    This Corvette was one of my most elaborate restorations, and no expense was spared during the restoration because when I purchased the car, it still had all of it's originall drive train. The car has had a total of 7 previous owners, and was originaly sold in Montreal on March 9th, 1966 at...
  5. stepinwolf

    Header HELP

    I am looking to install a set of full length Big Block headers for my next project, and would like to know if anyone has purchased, used, or installed any lately. I am trying to find a Ceramic coated set that will fit a midyear without any major mods. Brand names, or part numbers would be more...
  6. stepinwolf

    First 572 sortie

    All of you Forum members are most certainly familair with the often heard expression " shït happens ". Well here is another case that exemplifies that term. Today was the first time I get to go out with the 67 project, to go over to the alignement shop to have it properly set up. However as...
  7. stepinwolf

    The 572 build, is finally over

    Well, after only two years, five months, and fifteen days, the 67 coupe has finally been completed, and saw the sun for the first time today. To say that it has been a difficult build would be an understatement, since it has turned out to be one, if not the most involved rebuilds of my career...
  8. stepinwolf

    AUTOMETER fuel gauge

    Has anyone installed an Autometer fuel gauge, by splicing it into an original mid year Corvette harness. I have just completed the wiring, and although I have the correct 90 ohm gauge, when it's hooked up as per manfacturers instructions, the needle swings to the wrong side. When empty it...
  9. stepinwolf

    Shipping problems again

    Would anybody by chance, have any plans on attending the NSRA ( National Street Rod ) Reginal show next month in Burlington Vermont. I need to have some wheels sent, and because of the brokerage issue, I can't have them shipped cross border. If anybody can help with this problem, please...
  10. stepinwolf

    So you think you have a tight fit. !

    I have just completed the installation of the underdash portion of the heating and air conditioning hoses. The job was made all the more difficult, because of the necessity of installing Stainless lines, ( as per the instructions of the customer ) and AN fittings on all the hose ends for the AC...
  11. stepinwolf

    Need help with my wheels

    I was finally able to drop the 572 in the 67 Green coupe that I am building, and although it is a very tight fit, everything seems to be in it's place. Please don't think that there is room to spare, but just enough to get everything in. I have just purchased a cool set of wheels from "...
  12. stepinwolf

    572 Project update

    Hello to all. Two great things happened to me today, one was the first engine start for my 572, and the second was the arrival of the freshly painted 67 body, from the paint shop. Sorry if I can find the words to descripe how great the Corvette look's, you will just have to use your...
  13. stepinwolf

    Desperately need outer window moulding

    I am in need of one ( 1 ) only, outer side window stainless moulding. It is the moulding to which the rubber, outer window wipe is attached. It must be a LEFT side coupe, from 1964 to 1967. I also have a few convertible pieces that I could use to trade, if need be. Stepinwolf A.K.A. Robert...
  14. stepinwolf

    Techi-help needed

    I have a buddy who is in the process of installing a late model EFI engine in his 63 Grand Sport replica, and is having issues with the engine mounts, and the water pump exit's for the radiator, and heater hoses. Does anybody now of any quick fix, or numbers of any parts that might be...
  15. stepinwolf

    My absence from the CAC lately

    As most of you are now well aware, it has been quite a long time since I have posted on this Forum. The reason is because of the additionnel work load ( read that as being multiple projects ) that I have taken on lately. For starters, I have drawn up plans, and will be building an additionnel...
  16. stepinwolf

    Long tube headers anyone ?

    Is anyone using long tube headers on a C2, with a big block under the hood. ? Stepinwolf
  17. stepinwolf

    SS Fuel Tank recommendation needed.

    Has anybody purchased a stainless tank from Rich's, and if so are you satisfied. Stepinwolf
  18. stepinwolf

    Hurray , I am now an authorized AC dealer

    I have just been granted dealer status for the heating and air conditioning systems from " Classic Air ". It has been a long time coming, and now that I have been accepted, I will be able to supply, and support, the many customers who choose to have a vehicle that is not only fun to drive...
  19. stepinwolf

    New 67 Corvette body for the builder

    Has anybody had the chance to see the new offering from hitekhotrods, www.hitekhotrods.com. They have now completed, and are offering a complete reproduction 1967 Corvette coupe body for sale. I visited their website, called for some information , and was pleasantly surprised to hear that they...
  20. stepinwolf

    The sad end of a saga

    About 5 years ago I was able to purchase the complete GM inventory of original side pipe exhaust mufflers. My original intention was to re-distribute, or resell them to Corvette enthusiasts like myself, so that a lot of hobbyist could have the befit of the original, and factory style look, and...
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