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    Pics of my 60. And how it drives

    The SRIII chassis works great. I'm not all that happy with the coil over shocks but you can't have it all. The LT1 and 700R trans turned out to be a good choice. It runs perfect stays nice and cool. Thanks to the DeWitts rad and fan setup. As you can see I wanted the car to look all stock. Until...
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    Good to be back

    Hi guy's. I have not posted on here in a long time. For some reason I could not log on. I tried the other day and it works again. I'll have to post some pics of my 60 that is done now and the 66 coupe I'm working on now. I'll be talking to you all later. Brian G.
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    midyear wide body quarters.

    Who makes the wide body quarters like on 67 Heavens car. Web site or phone number would be great.
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    Old town Fla.

    Any one going to Old Town for the NCRS meet this month? I'm going down on the 25. Maybe some of us can meet down there. Brian G.
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    A few pics of my 60 project

    coming along slow but sure. Heres where I am right now .eng comp. almost done and still need to restore the speedo. But this is the way it will look.Brian G
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    Aftermarket A\C

    Anybody have the correct crimping tool for the beadlock fittings used when making AC lines. I need one and do not what to buy a new one for a one time job. I'll buy a used one or pay to use yours if possible. Thanks Brian G.
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    66 427 425HP on a dyno

    I watched a very nice red 66 427 425HP roadster on a dyno in Danbury Ct on sun. As they say can you handle the truth. It made 240 rear wheel HP. Who knows what cam and pistons are in the motor. But that was just poor. Even a 390 HP should do better than that. And yes I have a 390HP 66 and think...
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    Hydroboost brake system

    Has anyone looked into using a hydroboost brake setup? I am thinking of using one in my 60 project instead of a vac. booster. Any thoughts? Brian G.
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    The start of another C1 resto project

    I just bought this 60 body yesterday.I'll be asking lots of questions. This is my first C1. Always worked on midyears and up. I posted some of my other cars also. I'll be looking for many parts also as you can see. Thanks Brian G.
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    Ok Z06 is going to be a terror on the street, but

    The car looks great and is going it be hard to beat as far as stock production cars go. Its about time GM showed the world what it can do. But how much$$$$$$ ? Now if they could only follow Fords lead and do a retro Camaro For the same kind of money that the new Mustang is. Chevrolet would be...
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    lets here from the experts on gelcoat

    lets here from the experts. first are corvettes gelcoated from the factory? second do you use gelcoat after stripping the cars or a high build polyester primer? now when i say gelcoat i mean gelcoat like used in molds and applied with a gelcoat gun. third, do you need a polyester based primer at...
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    C4 and C5 collision repairs

    i know nobody wants to think about your corvette getting hit but if anyone has any questions please ask.i own a body shop and we specialize in vette repairs.we do all the corvette collison work for two large chevy dealers, i myself have been doing this for 25 years so ask and i will try to help.
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