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  1. Gorgon

    Video: Corvette C7 on Jay Leno's Garage

    Pretty interesting look at the C7. First Look: 2014 Corvette Stingray - Jay Leno's Garage - YouTube
  2. Gorgon

    C5 Parts for Sale

    Corvette is gone and I have a few items from the car that I don't need anymore. GM OEM Center cap for 97-99 wagon wheels, $30, still in OEM package. PM if interested. Leon
  3. Gorgon

    Goodyear! WTH!!

    I have a set of GS-D3's on my C5 and I've had them ~8 months. I picked up a screw in my left rear which is, of course, in the sidewall and can't be repaired. So I'm off to order a new tire... Here's the problem, there's no stock anywhere. Tirerack and local Goodyear dealers our out as are...
  4. Gorgon

    Alternative to Tirerack?

    I picked up a screw in my left rear tire and of course it's in the side wall. :mad The Eagle GS-D3 that's on there are only 9 months old and have plenty of tread. Anyway, I need to order a tire and Tirerack is out of stock. Anyone have another tire site that I may be able to find tires at? Leon
  5. Gorgon

    Play in Drivetrain

    When applying and lifting the gas I get what appears to be excessive play in the drive train. Normal? Or am I looking at major/minor problems? My first thought is u-joints but I just want to make sure that there isn't something bigger here. When I lift off the gas and let the engine slow the...
  6. Gorgon

    HVAC Switch Part Number

    Two of the three HVAC switches on my 99 FRC have broken at the same time and I need to order some replacements. Anyone have a part number? I do not have auto temp control, just the basic HVAC controller. The part number that I've found that looks like it could be a match is 16203804 but I...
  7. Gorgon

    HVAC Controller

    Can an auto climate control controller be added to a car that doesn't have automatic control? http://www.ecklers.com/product.asp?pf_id=49932&dept_id=1186 Two of the three control knobs have broken on my controller and I was thinking that it might be nicer just to drop the above unit into the...
  8. Gorgon

    I've Found My New Addiction...

    And it's High Performance Driver Education. I went to my first event with the local Porsche club this past weekend at Summit Point, and OMG! what a great time! It was so much fun really putting the car through its paces on a race track and taking the car to the limit. What I found was that...
  9. Gorgon

    Z06 Sway Bars?

    Would the Z06 sway bars be much of an upgrade from the stock Z51 sway bars on my FRC? I'm also looking at some Bilstein sport shocks on the car as well to improve handling. Any suggestions?
  10. Gorgon

    Retrofit Traction Control with Active Handling?

    I'm preparing for my first track event and there are a couple options that I wish my FRC had to help with this, Active Handling and the HUD. I know the HUD can be fitted into the FRC. Even though I have an early model 99 car and it will be a little more involved due to the changing of the...
  11. Gorgon

    Helmet for track event

    I'm looking at doing a track event with the local Porsche club at Summit Point race track in a few weeks and need to get a helmet. Can someone point me to a site that has decent pricing on helmets and any recommendations on helmet type? The helmet needs to be Snell 2000 or better. Thanks.
  12. Gorgon

    Adding HUD to C6

    This is a popular mod on the C5 for the early cars that didn't have HUDs and were HUD enabled. But my questions is, how many would add a HUD to their C6 and has it been done? I don't recall seeing any threads on it but if I ordered a new C6 and wanted to add the HUD later and save ~$5000 by...
  13. Gorgon

    Odometer Shot

    Drove to CT for the July 4th holiday and usually keep the DIC on average mileage. For whatever reason I switched over to the odometer during the drive and saw my that I was sitting at 123,456 miles. Thought I'd take a quick shot with the phone camera and I know it's not real steady, but I was...
  14. Gorgon

    Low RPM Miss

    My engine has developed an odd miss at idle. This has been going on for some time and I thought an application of Sea Foam had help out but it's not totally gone. At idle the car has a random miss. When launching the car the engine stumbles when the RPM drops under 1000RPM. It almost seems...
  15. Gorgon

    Chevy Dealer Philadelphia

    Any owners in the Philadelphia area that have a preferred Chevy dealer for service? I spent a lot of money on my car before the move so I shouldn't need to do too much for a while. But I want to check this out sooner rather than later. I was fortunate to have a great Corvette tech in Florida...
  16. Gorgon

    For Remo: Drove the Vette this weekend

    I know many of you remember me as a Florida boy, but now that I'm in the NE again I have to choose when I can and can't drive the car. Saturday morning was beautiful! Took a cab over to the parking garage and got my car. When she came down the ramp I realized how crappy she looked from all...
  17. Gorgon

    Removing Reclining Seat Lever

    I'm trying to replace the plastic seat cushion panel on my driver's seat and I'm not sure how to get the lever off. I feel like I'm going to end up breaking it. Any thoughts on how to get this off? Leon
  18. Gorgon

    Standard Seat Control Housing

    My FRC has the standard seats and not the sport seats. On the driver's seat the plastic that houses the seat controls on the left side of the seat is broken into a number of pieces and the seat controls are hanging by wires. Does anyone know if I can replace just the plastic piece? Or does GM...
  19. Gorgon

    No Communucation with TCM

    Bad module? Bad ground? Connector come unplugged? Where is TCM for me to check this out? Leon
  20. Gorgon

    Clutch Recommendations

    Well, I checked with my dealer on what it will cost to replace the clutch in my C5. My car has ~119k miles on it and they have no record of the clutch being replaced so I guess it's about that time. Does anyone have any recommendations for clutch replacement? C5 Z06? C6 Z06? I currently have...
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