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    Tonight I bought some PlastiDip to flat black my targa, and then after I saw the results, I did the rear diffuser and driver's side fender hash marks. Let me know what you guys think. You'll have to see them in my PlastiDip album because I can't attach them for some reason from my phone. I liked...
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    Best Column Lock Fix for a Manual C5 (Cheap and permanent, and harmless)

    To anyone who is having the column lock issue in a manual car with the lock plate removed (as per the recall) to do this! Go to your local Tuner shop, and have them disable the circuit and set the fuel cutoff at 255 mph. Disabling the circuit will stop the status reports that cause the error...
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    Mid America Motorworks, Effingham, IL

    I went to Mid America Motorworks last week. Not sure if any of you have been there, but they have a Corvette museum there, it's actually pretty awesome. Especially if you appreciate the car's history. Mike Yager owns the original CERV I, and multiple other prototypes, specifically the...
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    Strange noise from rear end?

    I have owned my 2002 for almost a year now, and besides new tires and regular maintenance on her, the only thing I've had to do was get the new Steering Column harness (it's a manual and the lock was removed with the recall in 04, I ended up with that problem). Recently I've been hearing like a...
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    First Dyno Run

    I just did my first Dyno run. She has 75k miles and just pulled a baseline 289.7 at the wheels. Before any tuning. She was running a little lean. This is with an Aftermarket exhaust and intake... x pipe and back anyways... I'll post my final numbers when I get them... anyone else have some...
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