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    Finally got my electrical system fixed.

    It was pretty obvious after it was fixed, but it had baffled me a couple of years. It had gotten much worse over the last two months. I had purchased a replacement battery a couple of years ago. I kept getting low voltage warnings, flickering headlights, etc. I finally decided to replace...

    Dreaded Steering Coulmn Lock

    Well, it finally happened to me. I parked my Z06 and went into a store. When I came back out, my steering would not unlock. Brutus was hauled away on a flatbed and got the recall treatment to fix the column. It works fine now. So what's the deal with the bypass kit. Is this something I...

    Question: How do I get water spots off the glass?

    My wife's BMW has water spots from the lawn sprinklers. We had only a one car garage in the condominium where we used to live. The car was exposed to sprinklers for that whole time. We now have a multi-car garage and I want to get the last of the water spots off the paint and the glass...

    test for DRTH VTR


    C4 suspension

    A friend of mine has quite a few parts from a 1994 Corvette. I am posting some information and a contact number if anyone is interested. I also have some pictures available. More: More:

    Service active handling

    I had a dash warning light and my DIC showed "Service traction control, active handling, and ABS". I got the codes out of the DIC and tried to clear it. It would not clear. The code is 1214. (C, unfortunately). What is involved with this? Jim

    ALMS Race in Portland

    Are there any other CAC members going to the ALMS race in Portland, OR on July 30th? I want to go see, hear, and feel the new C6R. :lou

    Corvettes take 1st and 2nd in GT1 at LeMans

    Corvette Racing Wins 24 Hours of Le Mans Le Mans, France - Corvette Racing made history today at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, scoring its fourth 1-2 finish in the GT1 class in five years with the new Corvette C6.R. Corvette Racing drivers Oliver Gavin, Olivier Beretta and Jan Magnussen reprised...

    Battery dead?

    I went to the garage to go to work this morning and my car would not start. I got one feeble "click" from the starter, then nothing. The dash lights were dim, and flickered a bit, the headlights would not come up, etc. It acts like the battery is dead. I checked to see if I left anything on...
  10. DRTH VTR


    I have accidently pulled the weatherstrip above the driver door loose. How do I fix it? I have the factory manuals for my old '97, but the roof on the Z06 is different. What do I need to disassemle to fix this? Is this a job for a sort-of skilled shade tree mechanic?
  11. DRTH VTR

    Broke my nose

    My wife was driving my Z06 on the way home from Reno. A cat ran out in front of us and we smacked him at about 60MPH. We hit so hard that it broke my bumper cover. I have filed an insurance claim, but need to find a shop that can fix my baby! At least no one was hurt (except the cat!). :cry
  12. DRTH VTR

    Tires price

    I just bought 4 Michellin Pilot Sport (stock size non-EMT) for my Z06. They cost $1240 installed and balanced at Costco. Seems like a good deal to me. Does it seem like a good price to the rest of you?
  13. DRTH VTR

    Corvette Magazine has Z06 article and pictures

    I just got the March, 2005 Corvette Magazine in the mail. It has several pages of C6 Z06 coverage. I have not read it closely yet, but it looks like there are no surprises. It is just what has been rumored.
  14. DRTH VTR

    Relatively cheap headlight upgrade

    Has anypne tried the Sylvania Silverstar (or similar)? Are they worth the $120 to upgrade? My stock lights are terrible. My girlfriend's BMW 330CI has some really good headlights, and the comparison is pretty sad. For what it is worth, that is why I am glad to see exposed lights on the C6...
  15. DRTH VTR

    FRC/Z06 trunk partition

    Help With FRC/Z06 trunk Partition I have seen several trunk partitions advertised and some postings about them. I am in the market for a good one. Does anyone have one that they like? Where did you get it and what did it cost?
  16. DRTH VTR

    ZO6 replacement tires.

    My 2002 ZO6 has the stock factory tires still in place. There is still legal tread, but they just don't seem to grip like they used to. They seem a bit 'greasy'. What have other people done when replacing their tires? Stock? Michelin? Kumo? etc. What is your experience, and what are...
  17. DRTH VTR

    Saw a C6 at Vettefest in Boise

    I just saw a C6 last night at Vettefest, in Boise, Idaho. Seeing one in person is quite different than seeing pictures. I liked it very much and think that it will be a great successor to the C5. My girlfriend is not a Corvette person and had not seen any photographs of the C6, Her response...
  18. DRTH VTR

    Drag racing results

    Firebird Raceway in Boise, Idaho has an annual streetcar showdown. It is head-up racing, rather than bracket racing, and uses a 0.4 second pro tree (all the yellows light at the same time followed by green 0.4 seconds later). The cars are classified as 12.5 seconds (cannot exceed 12.5), 11.5...
  19. DRTH VTR

    A few pictures from DRTH VTR

    One was taken last weekend at my local drag strip. The others are taken from within about 100 yards of my house.
  20. DRTH VTR

    Glad to see some action

    It is nice to have some traffic on this forum in the last week or so. It used to be that there were no new posts here for days at a time. Welcome new Z06 members!
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