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  1. vee93

    Help! '93 won't *%$#@ start!!!

    My 93 won't start. It wants to turn over... It's been sitting for about 6 mths..battery was disconnected. Connected a new battery, all the bells and whistles light up, stereo plays, alarm works, windows go up and down... but the Vette won't turn over. Got some STP octane booster... think this'll...
  2. vee93

    WHY won't A/C work?!!! Tech doesn't know.

    Do y'all? Can someone help me help these techs, PLEASE!!! Switched out the head unit cause it wasn't registering any power. A/C worked for a day and a half. New fuses. Diode at compressor new. Compressor good. After that day and a half of air--pushing the buttons turned on the compressor w/ fans...
  3. vee93

    Vette Mag's Aug-07 Editor's Commentary

    While flipping through the various Vette related magazines at Books-A-Million the other day, I ended up buying the August '07 issue mainly because I wanted to read at my leisure the article pertaining to the cover shot--the Vette, except for the chrome wheels and black interior, looks just like...
  4. vee93

    To do list. Here's mine.

    I fix it. Something else breaks. :W Here's my current list of things to do: *1. Rear absorber replacement. 2. Recharge freon. *3. Replace seeping coolant overflow hoses. 4. Replace broken sway bar. <<This one I found today!:mad 4a. #4 is perhaps the source of an earlier post regarding a...
  5. vee93

    Glove box bulb O.U.T.!

    While rooting around in the glove box tonight, I suddenly realized why I couldn't see anything. The bulb has gone out. Not bad for 14 years. And its something I can live with if I had to--since it bugs me that it is out--has anyone ever replaced the bulb in the glove box? If so, how? Thanky! :w
  6. vee93

    I Gotta Rear End Noise!

    I did a forum search and read most of the threads and posts. But I gotta put this to y'all anyway. Well..., how do I describe this?... When I first pull off in the Vette, I'm hearing a disturbingly loud squeaking, not-quite-grinding-but-close sound coming from the rear left wheel area. Wheel...
  7. vee93

    Again--if it's not one thing it's another!!!

    Well, had a tune-up done 2 days ago. Took the Vette home and parked it. Took the Vette on a tour of the countryside today. Mostly cruising, but make a few annoyances specks in the rearview. Got home, parked and noticed smoke billowing out around the car. WTF?! Popped the hood and saw smoke...
  8. vee93

    A warning re:Eckler's C4 front spoiler replacement

    A few weeks ago, I bought one of Eckler's replacement spoilers just to replace the worn out looking one on my Vette. Straight outta the package, I noticed the integrity of the spoiler looked and felt thinner and stiffer than it should have. Two days later, the thing was missing chunks outta...
  9. vee93

    Q-panel question

    Oh crapola!!! Hit a funky bit of road and heard something pop. Turns out, a section of left quarter panel popped loose--about a 3" section towards the front of the panel! (What next?!) Question: Can't I purchase some sort of body parts glue and fix this myself? Thanks y'all. :w
  10. vee93

    I like this!!!! Git U One!!!

    Coupe owners! I purchased this pretty cool partition for coupes off eBay. I'm liking it. Installs easy (as in minutes!) and the cargo area security shade can still be used. 'Bout time-the aftermarket houses have been selling a solid one for 'verts for years. Anybody else have one? :w
  11. vee93

    I'm soooo confused!!!

    Although I have a 93 Med. Quazar Blue coupe, I have developed an obsession in wanting a Nassau Blue convertible. I wish the Vette powers that be would bring this color back. It ran from 98-2001. Most -for sale- NB Vettes I've researched are heading towards high mileage. I'm currently...
  12. vee93

    Exterior fasteners

    Can someone describe for me or (even better) post a pic of what the fasteners for the side louver panels look like? Mine have come undone and have fallen out. If it's not one thing it's another..... Thanky! :w
  13. vee93

    Where's the dang amp relay located?!

    Vette buds! Help me out on this doofus question. WHERE is the amp relay located for the rear speakers? Although I have replacement speakers and amps, before I install them, I want to change out the old amp relay. Then it dawned on me--I don't know where it is!!! :crazy :L I recently spent a...
  14. vee93

    Bose question

    What's the degree of difficulty in installing the radio? I finally purchased a refurbished Bose Gold AM/FM CD/Cassette radio to replace the AM/FM Cassette only unit in my '93. I'm thinking of doing the install myself. Thanky all :w
  15. vee93

    Targa rubber *sigh*

    I spent about 6 hrs. Saturday installing my new 'aftermarker' targa top weatherstripping. It was an exercise that tested my patience. The aftermarket stuff comes w/out the little internal wiring and plastic frames that come with OEM rubber. The fit is not perfect on the passenger side and now...
  16. vee93

    Underhood detail question

    Besides a multitude of cotton swabs, rags, etc., what do y'all use to shine the goodies under the hood? I ask because the bit of Armor All I used to shine everything up seems to be degrading a coupla hoses after the heat builds up under there--at least I think its the Armor All. The hoses are...
  17. vee93

    Got BOSE?

    WTB: 1993 Delco Bose AM/FM Stereo with Cassette and CD players IN GOOD WORKING CONDITION. Thanks! :w
  18. vee93

    Headlight shake--remedy please

    :w all. My left headlight has developed an annoying shake, vibration, wiggle---whatever it is, I'm sure it's bugging oncoming drivers too. The slightest imperfection in the road makes it worse. I've checked everything thing pertaining to the headlight--everything checks out good and tight. Any...
  19. vee93

    UH-OH!!! Makes me wanna holla!!

    Put the Vette in Park and it rolls back as if it's in Reverse. WTF?! Is this a gear shifter linkage problem or am I in for expensive transmission repair? The gear shifts into reverse with no problem. There are no grinding noises or any noise coming from the tranny. Transmission fluid is good...
  20. vee93

    Do I have transmission problems?!!

    Hey all. Here's the deal.... I get in the Vette today to run it up the hiway and noticed that when shifting out of Park to Drive, there was no resistence then distinctive click of the shifter settling into the gear slot. The auto tranny is engaging in all gear positions. I can drive forward...
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