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  1. Vref

    water pump pulley hitting, crank pulley?

    Just got the water pump back from rebuild from those guys in NY. Excellent work. The problem now it after putting it all back togather the water pump pulley seems to be just barely hitting the crank pulley and a small squeak sqeak, will ensue. I powder coated the pulleys when they were off...
  2. Vref

    cast number 618976 does not match what is it?

    I took the master cylinder off my 65 to rebuild it and noticed the casting number is not the same as the NCRS book says it should be. My book says it should be a cast number of 2225032 however its a 618967 cast number. Anyone have a book to find out what the 618967 cast is off of?
  3. Vref

    How do I fix this fiberglass crack? pic

    How do I fix this fiberglass crack? Its on the inside front drivers side wheel well on a 65
  4. Vref

    Which way do the caliper piston seals face?

    Which way do the caliper piston seals face? Groove in the seal away from the pad or groove toward the pad? If the groove faces away from the seal, how do I get them in without damaging the seal? http://www.vbandp.com/detail.aspx?ID=17
  5. Vref

    Who rebuilds Power steering pumps?

    Anyone know someone who Rebuilds power steering pumps? recommendations? NCRS correct.
  6. Vref

    Ways to zinc/cad black phophate/black oxide plate bolts?

    What are the ways to zinc/cad, black phosphate/black oxide plate bolts? I have seen the eastwood kit, and I suppose you can take them somewhere? Any other ideas?
  7. Vref

    Rusty bolt clean up??

    All over the front suspension 65 327. Is there a good way to tumble in a machine or a good way to clean up rusty bolts? They all have the correct heads on them and I am trying to keep it original. Or is it better to just replace the bolts?
  8. Vref

    Coil Springs what would you do?

    Would you blast and powder coat or buy a new one? Its 40 years old do they wear out? The car was sitting low, but all the rubber is gone and the ball joints move with my fingertips. 65 327/350
  9. Vref

    Do fuel pumps leak oil?

    I got a puddle of oilish stuff under the car its not gas does not have the smell, this is the only thing I can find leaking, Its an original fuel pump. Do these fuel pumps leak oil out of those holes, or is it coming from somewhere else? Also, Is there a place that rebuilds these fuel pumps...
  10. Vref

    Paint touch up pics

    Took those side moldings off the vette to restore her to original beauty, only problem was some of the paint came with it. The weather has finally cooled off here so it’s tolerable to work outdoors again. I touched up the door using a touch up spray gun and original lacquer paint. I only...
  11. Vref

    What do you think these gold line tires are worth?

    What do you think these gold line tires are worth? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4573889002
  12. Vref

    Carb Pros: What is this carb doing?

    When I try to start the car gas is just getting pumped out of here. http://stonec4.fatcow.com/vette/carb.gas.blo.JPG What is causing this and how do I fix it?
  13. Vref

    How do I fix this 1965 hood?

    Its a small block hood where the bonding strips under the hood connect to the hood skin in the engine compartment.
  14. Vref

    Rubber sealant on top of heater box?

    Anyone know what a good sealant to use is on the top of the heater blower box on the firewall so it doesnt leak? I can see a small visible gap under the plenum (despite brand new gaskets) and it will definitely leak if not fixed. I'm sure the original stuff is no longer available. The NCRS...
  15. Vref

    1965 NCRS Corvette Restorer CD

    New, the Corvette Restorer magazine articles on CD’s. They were the best, most convenient, and cheapest way to access all the great articles out of past issues of the magazine. Now there’s absolutely no excuse to not have this information in your home Corvette library! They've streamlined the...
  16. Vref

    coil spring and ball joints bad?

    How do you tell when the coil springs or ball joints need to be replace? Are there any simple tests?
  17. Vref

    Paint experts need advice take a look.

    I am more of a mechanical and electrical guy, when it comes to paint I am lost. The original owner decided to put a rubber molding on the side of the car in 1976 to "protect" the car. He sanded the paint so it would stick real good. I have removed the molding without loosing any paint, but...
  18. Vref

    How would u fix this blower box?

    Its not completely broken off.
  19. Vref

    What do you clean your interior with?

    What do you clean your interior with? The painted metal dash, leather, dashboard, glass instruments, door panels?
  20. Vref

    Professional carburetor rebuilders

    My carb has a leak under the rear fuel bowl and it appears to be warped. It also has some, corrosion and needs some replating. I always restore things to original, any recommendations? These guys below offer the service below, anyone use them or hear of experiences...
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