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  1. Hrtbeat1

    Anyone dyno'ed their LT1/4?

    I had my LT4 dynoed back in April. I am going to get it re-dynoed next week now that I've done some mods. I talked to the dyno shop and asked them why the first dyno was graphed as HP and TQ vs speed and not RPM. I was told they could not find a tach signal. I have searched the FSM and can't...
  2. Hrtbeat1

    Back in the saddle

    Well over the weekend I went and bought a new to me Vette. Its a 96 Collectors Edition, LT4, 6 speed, Z-51 with red interior. It drove like a dream on the 250 miles back home. I think I have a relapsing caase of perma-grin. Man ya gotta love that LT4 power. Looks like Im all set for...
  3. Hrtbeat1

    Anybody got some marshmellos?

    As some of you know my Vette made it through Katrina only to be destroyed by a fire about 10 days later. After the storm I was installing a new stereo and relocating the battery as I found time. Sort of a therapy I guess to help deal with the stresses that a catastrophy like this causes. I...
  4. Hrtbeat1

    Improper Jacking ... Body Damage?

    Well guys things don't look so good. I pulled all the carpet and jute padding out of the interior as a start to my stereo install. When I got the seats out and the front carpet out I noticed that the floor pan under both seats was bent up in the corners near the seat belt assy. Not only that...
  5. Hrtbeat1

    Interesting info

    While at the Cruisefest some of us were having a discussion about oil coolers. It was suggested that our cars (early C4's) didn't have oil coolers, or if they did they were aftermarket add ons. I was looking through one of my "souveniers" from the NCM ... I picked up the latest copy of "The...
  6. Hrtbeat1

    Non-pop up Headlights & other mods

    Here are some quick pics of some of the recent mods I've done to my car. Let me know what you guys think. http://myweb.cableone.net/gceagle34/Modifications/Modifications.htm :pat :w
  7. Hrtbeat1

    What controls the shift light?

    Does anyone know where the signal for the shift light comes from? I'm refering to the idiot light along the edge of the display. This is for a '90 auto but I'm sure others are the same. I recently replaced the D36 rear with 2.59 gears with a D44 with 3.45 gears. I swapped the VSS with one...
  8. Hrtbeat1

    Question - D44 rear owners

    I just finished swapping my D36 rear assy to a D44 rear assy. Everything went very smoothly then I noticed something odd. On the under side of the differential, near the input pinion/yoke, are two springs, each mounted to a bracket on the side of the differential. What are these? I could...
  9. Hrtbeat1

    L98 Pushrod length

    Does anyone know off the top of their head the correct pushrod length for a late L98? I believe its 7.2 inches but I'm not sure. I know the correct way would be to use a pushrod length checker, which I have, and measure it after adjusting the rockers, but I thought I'd take the easy way out...
  10. Hrtbeat1

    Mounting MSD Ignition Box

    I bought a MSD 6AL ignition box about a year ago. Well this weekend I was digging around thru the garage and found the whole box of stuff. I went through all of it and think I've got a bunch of extra harnesses. So anyway I got the stuff I need and went out to the car to figure out where to...
  11. Hrtbeat1

    Helm Manuals?

    I recently picked up both the white and the red GM Service Manuals for my car. These do not have Helm marked anywhere on them. From what I was told the guy was clearing out an old Chevy dealership and that these were some of the manuals that they found in the service dept. The one thing I...
  12. Hrtbeat1

    52mm Throttle Body

    Ok I just upgraded from my stock 48mm to a BBK 52mm TB. Came with all new gaskets ect. Went on with out a hitch. One thing I've noticed is a large sucking sound now. Almost the same as if the Air duct was removed from the front of the TB. Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this...
  13. Hrtbeat1

    Tach way off

    Here's one for ya. My tach is reading way off. Approximately 1500 RPM's off. It seems to be working but it is reading way out of range. At idle its reading almost 1800 and at WOT it pegs way past the 6000 marker. Today Magmotor and I went and did some performance tests with my new chip vs...
  14. Hrtbeat1

    What's this part?

    I had to take the C-beam apart to get the tranny out. Well when I was taking it out this thing came flipping down and almost hit me in the nose. I wish I had my camera. It is attached to the rear of the C-beam on the pass side, and looks like it may be an exhaust hanger, of some sort. It is...
  15. Hrtbeat1

    Gear Heads .... HP thoughts?

    I have several old blocks and heads laying around and have been thinkking of doing something with at least some of them. The blocks are all old two bolt main 350's, the heads are from an old chevy truck ('79 165HP?) plus a set from an old Impala (70?). I also have a set of old Chevy Double...
  16. Hrtbeat1

    Speedo Gears?

    I have seen some posts about changing the speedo gears when doing a rear gear change. Does anyone have a copy of the chart showing gear/speedo gears that VMS4ever once had? I haven't seen a recent posting by him so I don't know if he is still around. Thanks Gerald
  17. Hrtbeat1

    Body Panels / Door Skins?

    Ok any of you had any experience with replacing door skins? How tough of a job is it? Or should I just replace the whole door? I've seen skins for sale and doors but can't figure out how the skin and door are put together. I know it is bonded somehow and I'm guessing they use bonding strips...
  18. Hrtbeat1

    Speed Density Drivability problems?

    I've heard some of the more knowlegeable members in CAC (namely Chris "69MyWay" and Jeff I believe) talk of drivability problems with a speed density system. What are some of the said problems? I have a '90 MAP (Speed density) car and I can't seem to notice any problems. I haven't done any...
  19. Hrtbeat1

    Overheating problem possible ECM?

    Help!!! I developed an overheating problem. I found the water pump had a bad rear seal and replaced it. While I was at it I replaced the timing chain and gears. Every thing is dead on timing wise. I took the radiator out and gave it some much needed TLC, cleaned and straightened all the...
  20. Hrtbeat1

    Power seat adjusters

    Hey can anyone help? I just bought a 90 coupe with sport seats. The guy I bought it from said the drivers seat adjusters didn't work. I got to messing around under the seat and everything was disconnected. I reconnected everything now it all works except RETRACTING. I got it forward but now...
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