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  1. 74bigblock

    Production and Constraint Updates for the 2021 Corvette

    I was on a conference call today and this topic came up... Apparently there was a massive fire at an Asahi Kasei Microsystems plant in Japan (October 2020) that is not helping the Semiconductor supply chain any. This plant produces IC for Audio and Photo - so could have major impact on car...
  2. Z.jpg


    2008 ZO6
  3. 74bigblock

    40th Anniversary Wheel Options?

    Yeah - I let my 1998 Trans Am go (I was original owner). Should have kept that. Dohhhh!
  4. 74bigblock

    Can this be paint corrected?

    Looking for opinion/experience... and it is difficult to say from the photos... This is the trunk lid of a 40th anniversary vert we are looking at and if this is something that can be improved significantly with correction... I'd move forward in process and go see it (car is in St. Louis/I'm in...
  5. 74bigblock

    40th Anniversary Wheel Options?

    Hi Tuna, Any specific methodology to test they are working properly, other than drive it in all 3 modes and get no idiot lights on the dash? Thanks! Dave
  6. 74bigblock

    40th Anniversary Wheel Options?

    I like both... this is purely for negotiation tactics... they are asking $15K and has 65K miles. Seems relatively reasonable, but is above what is in my budget (just can't find anything else this clean).
  7. 74bigblock

    40th Anniversary Wheel Options?

    Found my answer! https://mirrockcorvette.com/c4-parts-guide/wheels/
  8. 74bigblock

    40th Anniversary Wheel Options?

    We are in the market for a 92-96 C4 Vert w/Auto and FX3. I came across the vehicle in the photo, but am wondering if these 5 spokes were an option for the 40th, or should it have the sawbalde wheels for correctness? ...just a point I might be able to use to work the deal more in my favor...
  9. 74bigblock

    Question: Oil Pan Seeping: How concerned should I be?

    Thanks gents! I'll let the seep ride until I see oil on the floor! (y)
  10. 74bigblock

    Hello... It's Me...

    Well dang if 5+ years hasn't gone by! Rob was kind enough to help me resurrect my account... and here I am! What did I miss?!? Stop in and say hello... let's catch up! Junk, this means you. Did you ever do anything with that 3 speed manual white '76 was it?? Dave
  11. 74bigblock

    Question: Oil Pan Seeping: How concerned should I be?

    Greetings CAC! It has been a while since my last post. I wish I could say I was busy enjoying my car, but that has not been the case due to job and family responsibilities! Anyhow.... to the point of my post: Had my '08 Z in for service a few weeks back. The service dept. showed me I have...
  12. 74bigblock

    I'M BAAAaaaacccKKKKK!

    I'M BAAAaaaacccKKKKK!
  13. 74bigblock

    Weather Stripping Peeling

    My weather stripping around both driver and passenger windows appears to be shedding it's outer layer. Is this a common/known issue? Thanks, Dave
  14. 74bigblock

    Poll: Help me Pick a Personalized Plate!

    Just checking tempurature on my top 3 plate selections for the '08 Z06... If you were driving and saw a nice Victory Red Z06, what would you prefer to see on the rear plate as it passed you?
  15. 74bigblock

    Post your DYNO Results here!!!

    Please post your Dyno results if you have any... also list any mods perfomed on your Z! I'll Start: Callaway Honker Intake System. HP = 484.4 TQ = TBD Can't recall off hand... I'll scan and upload tomorrow for ya.
  16. 74bigblock

    Debris (pebbles) Stuck between rocker and body - How do I remove?

    ;help Just infront of rear wheels between the rocker moulding and body, I found road debris/pebbles jammed in the gap between the pannels. I dont want to pry them out as it will gouge the paint. Is there a simple way to loosen the rocker moulding so I can just wipe them off/out? ;shrug I...
  17. 74bigblock

    My first problem....

    I've identified my first problem. Not sure if anyone has a fix for me... While returning from a local sandwich establishment (Jimmy John's), I had a sandwich next to me on passenger seat resting on top of 5 napkins (for later consumption at my office. OK, it was a number 5 - Vito, no...
  18. 74bigblock

    Pulled the Trigger on an '08 Z06 Last Night

    It's official... I'm a Corvette owner again :thumb 2008 Z06, Red, 4800 miles. Nav Bose Power seats Mild to wild mod Callaway intake bellows Dyno sheet - 485hp at rear wheel Short throw GM Certified Build sheet included Window sticker All original paperwork from 1st owner. All it took was...
  19. 74bigblock

    Buying Used... what to look for?

    So, for those of you who don't know or remember me... I parted with my mildly modded '74 bigblock last year. It was the worst day of my life. I did not think that I would be in the market for another Corvette for some time. Lucky me :D I am looking at a C6 ZO6 - Used. What should I be...
  20. 74bigblock

    :( My '74 Big Block on Ebay

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180386660121&viewitem=&sspagename=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT :( Goodbye for now.
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