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  1. Redheathen

    Wanted Side pipes

    Looking for side pipes for c3 stingray, specifically '76
  2. Redheathen

    Wanted TPMS sensors

    Need 4 TPMS sensors for a '99.
  3. Redheathen

    Spit & Sputter!

    I'm an idiot! After about 30 my of troubleshooting my issues I just happened to glance over at the cold air intake to find the MAF sensor just about to fall off! The filter assy came loose and separated from the sensor. But I'm still dealing with the DIC.
  4. Redheathen

    Spit & Sputter!

    Running like crap after a good test run after changing plugs and wires! OBD codes as followed, P0157, P0171, P0174. Found one plug wire loose and a second one completely off. After checking rest of plug wires, I disconnected battery for a few minutes then reconnected battery only to have it run...
  5. Redheathen

    Help! DIC Answers???

    Gee! Thanks for the flood of responses! Glad I wasn't holding my breath waiting for a response!
  6. Redheathen

    Help! DIC Answers???

    I've read quite a few post about the DIC control panel not working and not a single one had any sort of a definitive answer. Does anyone know the most common issue with this system? Or at least give me a starting point!
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