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  1. vette_man62

    Hi all

    Just wanted to say "hi" to everyone on the C6 forum...I just moved up from a C5 to a 2006 C6 convertible. Taking delivery today...I can hardly wait! :happyanim:
  2. vette_man62

    Moving on to the C6 forum :)

    Hey guys, Though I would say thanks for all the help and kind support here with my C5, but I am moving on to a C6! I am so excited! I am supposed to take delivery today and can hardly wait! :happyanim: Thanks again for the good advise and help from you all, you guys are GREAT!
  3. vette_man62

    WTB: 2 Goodyear Eagle F1 CS 275/40/18 Tires

    Anyone have any good used or new Goodyear Eagle F1 GS 275/40/18's for sale? Let me know! Thanks!
  4. vette_man62

    Replaced window regulator today

    Just changed out my passenger side window regulator. Went smoother than expected. Took my time and was about 1.75 hours worth of work. I actually found a OEM window regulator on ebay for $79.00 shipped, so the repair was relatively inexpensive. If you have any questions about doing this...
  5. vette_man62

    Warning! Maxie Price Chevy in Loganville Ga. - SHYSTERS!!!!

    WARNING...this dealership is totally full of CRAP!!!! I do not understand why such a large dealership is so inattentive to customer complaints!!! I bought a 1998 Corvette on New Year’s Eve. I drove all the way from NC to pick up the car after being told by both the sales person (Chris Garland)...
  6. vette_man62

    After market CD player "hot" & "ground" to access point?

    I am replacing my bose head unit and was wondering if I can wire the "hot" and "ground" wire from the new head unit to the ACCESS POINT located under the cup holders in my 94. Just curious if anyone knows if this is a "clean" power source and also curious if anyone has done this. Thanks! T
  7. vette_man62

    Where is the antenna plug???

    I started to change out my Delco Bose Gold head unit in my 94 today. When I got the unit out, I could not find any antenna wire or plug...NOTHING! I was wondering if anyone could tell me where the antenna wire/plug is located. I suspect it is behind the passangers seat in the storage compartment...
  8. vette_man62

    Starting troubles

    I wanted to see if anyone might know a solution to a problem I am having with my 1994 LT1 I get in and try to start my car and occasionally it will just make a single "click" sound....when I turn the key back off and try again, it usually starts right up. I replaced the battery about 4 months...
  9. vette_man62

    Passenger A/C vent/duct noise?

    I am getting a rattle in my '94 at idle...appears to be the passenge A/C duct. Anyone have any advise or a link on how to remove and or repair this ? Thanks, T
  10. vette_man62

    Which Anti-freeze?

    Red, Orange, Green??? Which Anti-freeze is the best for my '94 ? Thanks, T
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