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  1. 67HEAVEN

    Want a C1 old race car?

    This fully restored '57 is from Legendary Motorcar Company, in Ontario (Dream Car Garage guys).....but you have to call for the price. :eyerole Anyway, here's the ad - 1957 CHEVROLET CORVETTE RACE CAR
  2. 67HEAVEN

    Midyear (C2) camcorder mounts?

    Have any of you come up with a stable mounting idea for a video camcorder for your midyear? After considering the problem, I'm beginning to think that a short tripod, adjusted for head height just behind and between the seats would give me a good shooting position. I'd remove the inside...
  3. 67HEAVEN

    Ottawa Offers Automakers Aid

    Canadian Officials approve auto aid package worth about $3.5B Updated Fri. Dec. 12 2008 7:15 PM ET CTV.ca News Staff The federal and Ontario governments will provide a lifeline worth about $3.5 billion for the struggling Canadian auto sector, but the money won't flow until the U.S. approves...
  4. 67HEAVEN

    Hang on to your private parts

    Announced on CFRB-1010 Toronto, General Motors of Canada Limited has just informed the Canadian Auto Workers that GM will shut down ALL operations in North America for the entire month of January 2009. Damn.
  5. 67HEAVEN

    Congressman cuts through the bafflegab

    Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, MI (R) cuts through the bafflegab and presents the unvarnished reality of the current situation, and what to expect in the future, if.... Speaking to Financial Services Committee hearing :thumb
  6. 67HEAVEN

    Is Corvette Fever still in print?

    This is a post for RedRod90. His earlier post experienced a problem in the Matrix. ;) ==================================================== Is Corvette Fever still in print? I normally get Corvette Enthusiast,but was grabbing CF when I could find it.I liked their LS install,but couldn't find...
  7. 67HEAVEN

    Emblem collections?

    Do any of you have a Corvette emblem collection? I'm thinking of emblems like these... Hanging in your home? In your garage? How are they mounted? Got any photos? Did you specialize in a specific year, generation, or in nose emblems only, or fender emblems only, etc.? Tell us and...
  8. 67HEAVEN

    Hurry. You 1989 owners might want this.

    http://cgi.ebay.ca/1989-Chevrolet-Corvette-3-D-Pop-Up-Promo-Brochure-89_W0QQitemZ140186216730QQihZ004QQcategoryZ34215QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Auction closes later today. :w
  9. 67HEAVEN

    Planet 67 gets under way...

    Came to a meeting of the minds with town hall today, and I have a building permit in my hands. I'll soon have a new place for HEAVEN and another '67 project vehicle. :upthumbs The fun is about to begin.
  10. 67HEAVEN

    Ceiling height for lift

    What is the height of your interior garage walls, and how much extra clearance do you guys have in your garages when the Corvette is up on the lift? I'd like to get enough room to throw my Tahoe Z-71 up there, but she's a tall one. :)
  11. 67HEAVEN

    '63 SWC part car in Ontario

    Who knows? :confused http://hamilton.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-classic-cars-1963-Corvette-split-window-coupe-W0QQAdIdZ23068577 EDIT: The ad has been removed from their site.
  12. 67HEAVEN

    The questions we all get asked......

    ......each time we're out cruising in our solid axles or midyears. You know. "How fast will she go?".........."What year is it?" Etc. ;) Well, I just returned from a short run down to the local coffee shop. I needed a late afternoon dose of caffeine and octane. When I got out of the car...
  13. 67HEAVEN

    C2's with three taillights

    My theory as to why some folks installed them (three taillights per side) goes back to the full-size Chevys of 1958-(not 59)-60-61-62-63-64-65-66-67-68-69-70 and 71. You'll remember that the lower models got two taillights per side, while the Impala got three. They were usually...
  14. 67HEAVEN

    C1-C2 photos

    We've had some excellent photo threads over the years, but maybe it's time for a new one. The summer driving (photo-shooting) season is slowly drawing to a close, and I'd be willing to bet plenty of you have some great photos to share with us. Although it's usually difficult for us to pick...
  15. 67HEAVEN

    They're a bit wacky in their description...

    ...but here's your chance to buy a '67 with updated LS-7 and 6-speed. :D CLICK ME When you're motorin' with the top down, you can thank me. ;)
  16. 67HEAVEN

    Your chance to own a nice '67

    L-68, 400hp/427, M-21/4-speed http://cgi.ebay.ca/Chevrolet-Corvette-Stingray-This-IS-the-BEST-OF-THE-BEST_W0QQitemZ300081020967QQihZ020QQcategoryZ6168QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Batter up. :)
  17. 67HEAVEN

    Electric fuel pump again

    Lately, the Holley electric pump (blue) mounted below the tank stops and then the engine dies of starvation. I pull off to the side, let the car sit for a couple of minutes and it starts right up again. This happened to me three times today. With the engine off, I can hear the pump, if it's...
  18. 67HEAVEN

    I'll be following this project ;-)

    Hmmm............. ;)
  19. 67HEAVEN

    If you've got the gift as a photographer...

    ...we'd love to read some of your tips for photographing these fine solid-axle and midyear Corvettes. You know.......lighting; framing; distance; angle; etc. Let's hear some advice and see some examples. If it all works out well, maybe we'll teach the late-model guys how to do it. ;)...
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