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  1. Jistari

    FS : (4) B.F. Goodrich g-Force T/A KD Tires (OEM sizes front and rear)

    I have : (2) B.F. Goodrich g-Force T/A KD 245/45 ZR 17 95Y (oem size front) not less than 6/32 tread (New = 9/32 ). (2) B.F. Goodrich g-Force T/A KD 275/40 ZR 18 99Y (oem size rear) not less than 4/32 tread (New = 9/32 ). They were on the car when I bought it, only reason I took them off was...
  2. Jistari

    Anyone know which ground points service ABS / TCS ?

    As many of you are aware some C5's experience intermittent DIC error codes due to inherently poorly designed grounding connections around the vehicle. I am getting the dreaded "TCS C1214" (Sol Valve Relay Contact or Coil CKT Open) DIC code intermittently with the associated ABS, TCS disabled...
  3. Jistari

    WTB : Stock Delco Battery

    Anyone know where to get the exact replacement Delco that came in a C5 from the factory?
  4. Jistari

    Red Top...Yellow Top...Delco or Die Hard?

    I know this has the potential to open up the proverbial can of worms but....I'm putting it out there anyway :-) 2001 Coupe, believe original Delco Battery, no problems (even through winter storage) until this year. Dead as a doornail when I went to take the cover off this year. People talk...
  5. Jistari

    Repaint rims black, clear or grey?

    The bridge was blown up by accident by a novice wizard, so the dreaded chrome eating troll apparently lives under my car now. Was thinking about pulling the wheels over the winter and sanding (just) the insides. Then masking all the good chrome (and the tires of course) and either clear...
  6. Jistari

    Advice on Car Cover and battery Charger

    We will be ripping out three bathrooms here some time in February, so unfortunately, my car may have to live on the driveway for about a week. I don't currently own a car cover, so I will be looking for one just for this application (an outdoor weatherproof one, I dont cover it in the garage)...
  7. Jistari

    Can some one do a poll : Common Codes ?

    Can some one do a poll : Common DIC Codes or problems? I'm just trying to get a handle on how common it is for the C5 owners here to have a trouble code on the DIC that takes more then one fix to get rid of? I have had intermittent Service Active Handling (1296) over a year. You could put a...
  8. Jistari

    DIC "Service Active Handling System" C1296 H C

    I have had an intermittent "Service Active Handling" system DIC message on my 2001 Coupe since I bought it a year and a half ago. It would come and go (mostly off about 70% of the time). During that time I have had it back to the vette dealer that I got it from, who pulled the connections at...
  9. Jistari

    Could I have seen what I think I saw?

    Sooo...I'm driving down to the Jersey Shore on the Garden State Parkway. The sun is out, the weather is clear, the car is spotless, gleaming and purring like a (rather large) kitten.....beautiful day :lou . Out of the corner of my eye, I catch something on the other side of the parkway (already...
  10. Jistari

    "Service Traction Control" message

    "3. Hold the OPTIONS button down, and press the FUEL button 4 times. (This will get you into the "codes" section of the DIC" This would explain why Im not getting the codes I need since I'm holding Fuel and pressing Options four times :-P <smacks head>. The "Service Traction Control System"...
  11. Jistari

    Wanted : 2004 Black on Black Coupe auto magnaride

    I have a 2001 Black on Balck Coupe with 43k on the clock, I love this car :-) but would consider another with less miles and the MSRC (Magnetic Selective Ride Control). An ideal find would be: 2004 black on black coupe, auto, low miles (20k ish or less), MSRC, HUD ppkg, sport seats, chrome...
  12. Jistari

    New member, New York

    Greetings....and glad to be here :D . I have been lurking around here for quite some time, and in addition to finding a horde of helpful information about my car, I have always been impressed with both the quality of the posts as well as the conduct of those posting. I don't know if this is due...
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