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  1. 89C4KB

    C4 Spark Plug Confusion

    I recently purchased a 1989 Coupe with 42,000 miles. It did not come with any service history. It currently has a minor vibration from the engine at low to mid rpms. It goes away and runs hard when I get into the throttle. I pulled the air filter and found it was black. Judging by this I...
  2. 89C4KB

    Exhaust Questions from a first time Corvette owner

    First time Corvette owner and just joined the site last night. I joined because I have a few questions and want to learn. I know next to nothing about Corvettes, other than the fact that I dig them and I’m happy to own one. I purchased a 1989 Coupe, Bright Red, 42,000 miles, bone stock...
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