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  1. DonB

    Location of Service Parts ID (RPO) Sticker on a 2019 ZO6

    Does anybody know where the RPO sticker is located on the 2019 ZO6? It is NOT in the glove box or console. Thanks in advance.
  2. DonB

    HVAC Acting Weird

    Hi everyone! I have an 05 base w/ automatic, 2LT. Twice now lately, when I start the car the climate control panel is blank(shows nothing) and the controls are inop. I turned off the car and restarted and everything came back on as it is supposed too. The car only has 18k on it with recent new...
  3. DonB

    1988 to 1990 Service & Electrical Manual For Sale

    I have an original Red Cover 1988 to 1990 manual set on CD for sale if anybody could use it. Like new in case. I'll take $20. PM me if interested Sent from my SM-G950U1 using Tapatalk
  4. DonB

    Targa Top Rear Latch Rattles

    My '05's developed a rattle in the area of the rear latch for the targa top when I hit a bump. It sounds like it is right behind my right ear. Has any one dealt with this before? The car "has" had the roof panel recall performed already and is NOT the problem. I physically can't see a...
  5. DonB

    Trick To Prevent Loss of Settings When Changing Your Battery

    With all the recent talk about batteries, storage and maintainers; I changed my battery Saturday with a new Interstate AGM. The main issue I dreaded was resetting all the multitude of settings in the C6. Then I had a brainstorm. Enlisting the help of my trusty Crapsman battery charger, I...
  6. DonB

    New Avatar

    Here's a "Happy Man's Garage." A C4 and a C6. What should be next? I'm thinking C8. It's a natural progression. Shhhh! Can't let the wife hear that, because you know what she'll say, "Something has gotta go!" Well........So Long Dear! :happyanim:
  7. DonB

    Tires for Base C6

    Any preferences on tires for my base C6? She has Goodyear F1 EMT GS run-flats now. 245's front and 285's on the rear. Has anyone tried the Michelin Pilot Sport tires and how do they compare? According to Tire Rack's reviews the Mich's are great and the GoodYear's stink. But I don't have...
  8. DonB

    G Meter in HUD

    I recently bought a 2005 C6 that has a HUD with a G-meter. She has the F55 magnetic selective ride suspension with Goodyear F1 Run-Flat's. What would be the LIMIT on the G-meter before "loosing it." I realize there are a million variables involved but do any of the "experienced" guys here...
  9. DonB

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all my Corvette friends out there! :woot::woot::woot::beer:beer
  10. DonB

    C4 Mufflers

    I'm thinking of replacing the mufflers on my '90. Each side of the exhaust is individual and are straight pipes winding from the manifolds to the mufflers along the tranny and drive shaft tunnel. The existing ones are blown out and getting louder every time I drive it. I still want a bit of...
  11. DonB

    Help! I think I fried something

    Last night my son-in-law and I went for a cruise in my '90 C4. Tonight when I went to open the door and disabled the VATS system I noticed the in door courtesy lights did NOT come on. Somehow the interior light switch that circumferences the headlight switch was in the ON position. The...
  12. DonB

    Tires for '90 C4

    I'm considering getting new rubber for my C4. I'm using the 9.5" x 17" wheels and want 275/40r17's. I've narrowed it down to 3 tires. The Firestone Wide Oval Indy, The Bridgestone Potenza RE760Sport or the BFG g-force Comp2. I have Kuhmo Ecsta XS's on it now and they stick like glue, but...
  13. DonB

    '90 C4 Cover Recomendations

    Hi Everyone. My '90 Black Coupe is getting a new paint job. We are doing all necessary body work (fixing dings, scratches and cracks appropriately), sanding, filling, sealing, replacing emblems, glass and weatherstrips too. How about some input on an indoor cover? I'm kind of leaning toward...
  14. DonB

    Look what I found!

    Today I pulled the fuel tank and rear sub-frame on my 1990 coupe to replace the original old rotted fuel tank. Look was was stuck to the front of the tank where it is up against the passenger compartment rear wall. It is severely weathered but I can make out much of it including the ordering...
  15. DonB

    2 New '90 to '96 Rear Wheel Hubs w/bearing Assemblies for Corvette & other GM's MOOG # 513013

    Here are 2 NEW IN BOXES rear wheel hub assemblies for the 1990 thru 1996 C4 Corvette. These are Moog Premium Quality suspension components. For members $100.00 for both, plus $20.00 for the shipping. These retail for way over $99.95 each. Check the prices. I would also trade them for 2 New...
  16. DonB

    Shock Absorbers for my '90 C4

    I've been looking at replacing my shocks. The car has KYB's on the front and they look like original on the rear. Bilsteins' are a bit out of my budget plus I'm NOT racing it(yet). I was looking at a new set of KYB5570 and 5571 gas shocks or Monroe Sensa-Tracs. Any pros or cons...
  17. DonB

    1990 C4 Fuel Line Replacement

    I've replaced or overhauled almost everything on my Coupe and am considering replacing the fuel supply and return lines from the filter to the tank. Has anyone here ever done this and besides having the car jacked way up, what other obstacles can I anticipate? I can see that the lines are...
  18. DonB

    Delco-Bose StereoTuner Issue

    The stereo in my 1990 C4 started acting up the other night. All of a sudden the tuner seems to jump frequencies. It actually sounds similar to cranking the station tuner knob on an older analog home stereo. It can happen at any time or not at all. It is a intermittent problem and happens on...
  19. DonB

    Hypertech Power Chips for '90 C4 Automatic

    I'm considering the Hypertech Thermo Master Power Chip Stage II for my 1990 Coupe from Central Corvette. I already have a 160* thermostat and the 185*fan relay kit in it as well as a very recent complete engine overhaul with new forged rotating assembly. Block and heads were all thoroughly...
  20. DonB

    1990 Automatic Shifting Issue.

    I have a '90 C4 with a newly rebuilt engine. I have 300 miles on it and I recently changed the oil to get the break-in oil out . I'm occasionally being more aggressive to see what she'll do. It has the automatic Trans., which was resealed, flushed, etc. while the motor was out. ATF level is...
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