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  1. Nobody Cares

    Ignition shield kit.

    Would anyone have pix of the lower left and right hand side chrome ignition shields? have put the whole new ignition kit on a 74 vert. Got the brackets , top shild and wire shields on but not sure where the bottom heat shield bolt to. No instructions came with kit. Thnx dave
  2. Nobody Cares


    Going to do a complete brake job on the 74 vert. Is there any good links that i might print out on the proper procedure ?? Going to do rotors, calipers, pads and lines. Fiirst time for a complete brake job. Thnx dave :beer
  3. Nobody Cares

    Nose Bubble

    Yikes , went out and took the cover off the 81 a few days ago and there's a quarter size bubble right above the nose emblem. What a bummer. Car was just redone a couple of years ago. Got a hold of my buddy that did the paint work. Luckley he said he would fix it in spring once we get some warm...
  4. Nobody Cares

    Tach Repair

    If anyone needs electronic tach help you might try John T Gardner in Center Valley PA. John is the gentleman that builds the tach boards for some of the venders that we all use. I sent my tach too him out of the 80 vette and it came back FAST and working perfectly. His phone number is...
  5. Nobody Cares


    Would like to wish a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the CAC family. Dave :w:w
  6. Nobody Cares


    Would like to wish a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the CAC family. Dave :w
  7. Nobody Cares


    Any feedback on the Pinnacle Souveran Carnauba Wax ?? Thinking about buying a can . Kinda pricey, so thought i would see if i could get some feedback. Is it really that good to spend the extra $$ ?? Dave :w :bar
  8. Nobody Cares


    This will be for the tach in a 1980 vette. Have replaced the tach board and the tach filter. The tach did not work before. After replacing the tach board and tach filter the tach does not work at an idle. When reved it will work and drop to the red line side when the gas is let off. When...
  9. Nobody Cares


    Is there a need to disconect the battery to change the tach board in my 80 Vette ??? Dave :beer :bar
  10. Nobody Cares


    Just like too wish all the forum members a Happy Thanksgiving . Dave :w
  11. Nobody Cares


    Yesterday was working on putting a new pigtail and bulb in the spare tire light on the 80. Both wires at the socket were hot. Did find that unusual. But all my lights were working correctly , except the spare tire light. Anyway i got done and now i have no kick panel lights or the dome light...
  12. Nobody Cares

    1980 ROUGH RIDER

    Can not figure out why my 80 rides so rough. 255/60/15 B F Goodrich radial t/a's.Tire pressure is cold 25 front and 28 back. New Monroe Sensatrack shocks. Car has the 9 leaf rear spring and rides like the Log Truck i drive all day. The front seems to ride pretty well but the back is rough...
  13. Nobody Cares


    The brake light had been staying on for a couple of weeks. 1980 vette. Brake pedal was getting a little spongy. I changed the master cylinder today and bleed all the lines. Brakes are working great now. But the brake light between the speedo and tach stays on. I pulled the tan and white wire off...
  14. Nobody Cares

    Tach Board

    Going to repalce the tach board in the 80 vette. Do you have to drop the steering column to get the speedo / tach out ?? Thnx Dave. :w :bar
  15. Nobody Cares


    For the first time in close too 3 yrs my son and i took the 74 vert for a cruz. Been working on the car on and off for that long. Being that my son put many hours into the interior redo , he drove the maiden voyage. The car purrrred like a kitten. No rattles or squeaks. Absolutely made my day to...
  16. Nobody Cares


    I put a new tach filter on the 80 vette. No help , still not working. Question is , has anyone taken there tach out for the circuit board replacement?? What kind of project is it too replace the circuit board ?? Is there anything else i can check that might be causing the tach not to work. Fuses...
  17. Nobody Cares


    Hi, the underhood light is staying on when the hood is closed on my 80 . Which is the switch that puts the light out. The switch up on the firewall passenger side is not turning the light out ??? Thnx Dave :w ;shrug;shrug
  18. Nobody Cares


    Hi, Does anyone have a tach filter for a 1980. White wire coming off the bottom of the distributor to the tach filter and plugs into the wire going to the tach.. Thnx Dave
  19. Nobody Cares

    Bought another vette , need HELP

    Bought a 1980 vette the other day, needs work. The Battery light stays on all the time. If i pull the 2 wire plug from the alternater the light goes out. There is power (with test light ) on bothe side of the 2 prong plug at the alternater. Should there be power on both sides ??? The Gauge is...
  20. Nobody Cares

    Rear axle drain plug

    Hey guys (and girls ). Can someone tell me where the Plug is on the rear axle . Want to check the fluid level. No Hoist and close confinment. 81 Vette .Thnx Dave :w
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