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  1. Stinger !!

    LT4 LT4 Dash Plaque....F/S

    Anyone want this 'LT4' dash plaque? It simply presses into the info center in the center of your dash...all info lights ARE still visible through it Just going through some desk stuff and found it...never used, still in the package I bought it in.. Ecklers part # 33121 ...$36.99 + tax +...
  2. Stinger !!

    How to avoid Bird do do!

    I found this over on another Vette forum, to funny to not pass around! If only GM could come up with an idea like this for the 'Corvette owner vs bird do do'...seems Ford did for there customers....:L :chuckle :boogie http://www.mojoflix.com/Video/Pigeon-Vs-Ford-Sportka.html
  3. Stinger !!

    Another funny...Blonde style!!

    :L Take a break for a funny....:L A blonde is walking down the street with her blouse open and her right breast hanging out. A policeman approaches her and says, "Ma'am, are you aware that I could cite you for indecent exposure?" She says, "Why, officer?" "Because your breast is hanging...
  4. Stinger !!

    This is tooooo funny!!!

    This VIDEO is tooooo funny!!! Found this on another forum...click on this link and ....HAHAHAHA ;LOL Thank God it is not a 'Vette....:W http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dUKYL00wFs PS.....keep an eye on the guy in the lower left corner...:duh
  5. Stinger !!

    Couple of new '07 pic's...BEAUTIFUL FL DAY!

    Just for my fellow CACr's enjoyment...absolutely beautiful FL day... 85 degrees and perfect weather for a ride out to the Space Center! My hometown...Merritt Island, FL :D Check out this Shuttle...it's a retired 'simulator' but it is actual size .. :cool Look just over the passenger...
  6. Stinger !!

    Z51 badge on a C6...yes or no???

    What do you think of this chrome machined replica Z51 badge..(same design as a C6/Z06 badge) on a C6 /Z51 Coupe....Yes or No??? :confused
  7. Stinger !!


    This video either p*sses you off or it doesn't....not much in between!! It made me ... :mad :hb :puke :duh :argue :bash ....:r Watch all 8 minutes of it then post your thoughts..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCr1RXfKyVA My thoughts? Put any of 'US' behind the wheel and bring...
  8. Stinger !!

    Check out this YOUTUBE video....

    Turn the volume up and check out this C6 exhaust... :upthumbs :_rock http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hzk2Yhv6la8&search=FAsnakes%20C6%20Corvette%20vette%20Exhaust%20Longtubes
  9. Stinger !!

    re:Corsa Exhaust...Appearance??

    re:Corsa Exhaust...Appearance?? The appearance of this new Corsa Sport system from the rear of the car looks terrible in my opinion! :mad Anyone have Corsa on there C6? Are we expected to 'paint' this muffler can look?? I thought these would have had a much more finished look...atleast...
  10. Stinger !!

    Re: YouTube video "NEAT"!!

    Re: Z06 ...YouTube video "NEAT"!! I found this video link on "YouTube"...pretty cool!:_rock http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-nS2oRObGU&mode=related&search=
  11. Stinger !!

    '07 window tint question...

    I know this question in general has been "run over" a million times before, but are there any do's or don'ts with a C6 Coupe? :confused Living here in FL requires window tint...summer sun is just way to hot and destructive to not have it. Went through all the window tint threads I could find...
  12. Stinger !!

    '07 non-matching carpet???

    Please bare with me as I go through this learning curve with this C6... Anyone know why Bowling Green decided to two tone the carpet?? My '07 Coupe has Cashmere in the front with a Charcoal/Slate looking rear cargo area..makes it difficult to do the Lloyds mat combo thing with non-matching...
  13. Stinger !!

    07' new owner questions...

    Now that I have enjoyed a few "getting to know you" in the garage days with my new 07' Coupe, I am on the hunt for a few goodies. Fortunatley I live near Ecklers and I stopped by recently to look at couple of items. First of all, can any C6 owners tell my the "short cut" to properly...
  14. Stinger !!

    I am a "Nervous Wreck"....

    WELL.... I just traded in my '03 AE Coupe/Auto with 16,000 miles on a '07 Monterey Red/Cashmere Coupe/Auto (paddle shift) 3LT and loaded! Total options on the window sticker is $14335.00 My nerves are shot! Did I do the right thing here? :confused Both Vette's parked side by side at the...
  15. Stinger !!

    Ecklers Corvette Reunion...Oct 20 & 21

    Well.... I went today, anyone else have an opinion ?? Perfect weather other than the 90 degree plus heat!.... Florida, "The land of sunshine"! Gotta love it!! :) Very large display of Vette's, but the C5's dominated big time in numbers....well over a hundred plus and a large collection of...
  16. Stinger !!

    Wax on Wax off???

    Anyone ever try this stuff?? Any good or a waste of time and $$....also it is much cheaper than this links price over on Ebay!! http://www.5starshine.com/ppc/index.html
  17. Stinger !!

    Tempted to buy a C6.....

    Made a parts trip into a local Chevy store and got the keys to a '07 handed to me to test drive...BIG MISTAKE!! Man what a difference over my '03 C5 AE....Not even close to the handling and ride .... far superior in my opinion....if you are happy with your C5, DON'T TEST DRIVE A C6!!! I...
  18. Stinger !!

    LT4 Beautiful LT4 for sale

    After much thought and serious consideration, I have decided to offer my '96 LT4 up for sale...two Corvettes and to much other stuff... something has to give. Anyway, it is Bright Aqua Blue/Tan leather interior and has 26000 miles...in close to perfect condition inside and out...if you have...
  19. Stinger !!

    Daytona Pace Vette???

    Anyone have any idea what is going to happen to that "Very Colorful" 500 Pace Vette? Daytona Museum or NCM or will it be sold to a private party ???
  20. Stinger !!

    '03 am fm cd oem...f/s

    Anybody need a oem bose am fm cd player out of a 2003 AE with only 15,000 on the odometer...works with the GM 12-disc cd changer as well...fits C5's '97 through '04...I got one that is in excellent shape....you can replace that cassette player...make an offer....I will package it and ship it UPS...
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