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    Help! Inherited an '81 that's been sitting for 15 years.

    Looking for some guidance here, this poor neglected Vette is not in good shape. Its #5103337 in the registry. I don't know where to start. The brakes?, fuel system?, engine leaks oil, battery dead, AT who knows, tires are flat, interior needs 3 wishes from a genie in a bottle. I've got to get it...

    What are these Kelsey Hayes worth at auction?

    Two different sets of 15x8 Kelseys. One 4 rim set with caps, sans tires. One with some pretty good old Firestone GR70-15 QRZs but only one cap (pics not that great, wheels kinda dirty).

    Question for whoever's installed Hooker headers on 73-ish BB A/C car

    Under chassis, not side mount. What part number did you use? What modifications if any were necessary for the A/C mounting bracket? Were any other problems encountered? TIA, KOP

    Aftermarket door panel install

    I am considering purchasing door panels from Al Knoch Interiors, but I understand no holes are cut in the door panels when purchased. Quote from an email: "Please be advise that we donnot cut out any holes on the door panels. "Please fax us your information so we can set you up as a trim...

    M21 Close ratio transmission, etc.

    M21 Close ratio 4-speed transmission. 1973 - 3,704 made that year and a little more than 3/4 of the BBs had them. Good thing or bad thing? Is there anything special about this transmission? And the CV5 3.36B CARRIER?

    eBay: Corvette Front Center Grill bidding about to expire

    with zero bids @ $149.99. Ending in less than four hours from now (16:24 CST). Seller says 73-74 but the item is not chromed on front edges so it is not correct for a '73. Regardless, someone may want to get in on this...

    Spark plug recommendation

    Hi all, I want to replace the plugs in my engine, but since it no longer has the original heads I'm not sure what to use. What spark plugs and gap would be appropriate for these '65/'66 "206" heads mated to my 454 BB? Are ACR 44s appropriate? 3856206....65-66...oval..CLOSED..396, 97cc...

    Thanks to Mike @ Classic Corvette Parts!

    Thanks to Mike at Classic Corvette Parts in Garland Tx. for a job well done! What a great place to do business!! As some of you know I began this project trying to buy a rebuilt steering box from fastcorvette.com, and of course that turned into a month long waste of time, some unresolved credit...

    I made a smilie for you '73 guys

  10. KOPBET

    Pic request

    I'm looking for a nose shot of a '73 WITH a center grille. I would like to replace mine, which is messed up, but they seem hard to come by so a license plate frame may have to suffice. Pictures will help me. Any photos appreciated. TIA, KOP
  11. KOPBET

    Repro door panels

    I am looking at buying repro door panels for the '73. Arm rests are shot and look pretty crummy. These are about all the interior needs to be looking pretty fine. I REALLY hate buying sight unseen though. I'm considering panels from Dr. Rebuild. Anyone care to share experiences with this or...
  12. KOPBET

    Pic request

    I would like a few close-up pics of the wiper-arm orientation, left and right and left-right together on a '73. Mine were removed by original owner and repainted, but not put back on before I bought it. I would like to them back on but I'm not sure how to correctly postion them. They look a...
  13. KOPBET

    1st assignment on the '73

    Many thanks to those who aided me in my quest for the '73! Warning...I plan on asking a ton of questions.:L Now for my first assignment. The key-in-ignition buzzer stays on with the door open and no key in the ignition. No big deal really except for the annoyance factor. What do I need to...
  14. KOPBET

    What do you think? Should I change my avatar ??

    :D Woo hooo!!!!
  15. KOPBET

    Need urgent evaluation advice

    Calling all shark experts! I have little knowledge on these cars and need your advice please. I am going to look at a '73 tonight. About all I know so far: Has overhauled original 454 except for intake and heads, cam. Has higher comp heads and hotter cam (from what I've been told thus far)...
  16. KOPBET

    Looking for ZR-1 repro wheels

    I'm having trouble finding repro ZR-1 wheels like these. Does anyone know where to find in white? No one seems to sell white wheels anymore.
  17. KOPBET

    Replacing oxygen sensors.

    I am going to replace the pre-cat oxygen sensors either today or tomorrow. I would like to know what technique you use to get at the sensor on the right hand side without dropping the pipe from the manifold. I have a sensor socket that works fine on the left side but not on the right side due to...
  18. KOPBET

    Anti-freeze experts please.

    Can someone tell me the difference between GM Dex-cool and Prestone GM Dex-cool approved? thanks.
  19. KOPBET

    They were talking 4k off sticker right away

    without even haggling. That puts it at about 57k I suppose. Making room for the '06s. He said the Z06 wouldn't arrive there until January. He was talking about guys offering 10-20k over sticker to get one. Crazy.. Includes most options I guess, including Z51. God I love these cars! I was ready...
  20. KOPBET

    Looking for OEM part number - Weatherstrip.

    Anyone have the OEM part number for the late model C4 windshield weatherstrip? thanks, Kop.
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