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  1. Bonnell

    Finally Back in a Vette - Nav/iPhone Question

    Greetings, It has been a while since I have posted. I have had seven vettes but i was vette-less for almost four years until last Saturday. I just purchased a 2008 JSB vert with 3LT, Z51 and Nav. This is my fourth 2008. :D The car is in great shape with 37,800 miles on it. Here are a few...
  2. Bonnell

    Finally back in a Vert

    I have been "vetteless" for about 15 months. I expected to have to wait until winter to get another vert since I failed to pull the trigger this past winter on a couple of nice ones. I have been watching the online sites and the for sales section here closely and a really good deal presented...
  3. Bonnell

    ZR1 vs. C6R - Help with understanding acceleration

    I can comprehend how the C6R is faster around a track with special suspensions, etc. but it is hard to grasp how the C6R is so much faster in the 1/4 mile (first video link below) than the ZR1 which apparently has 138 more horses. How is this? Is it gearing? If so would the C6R top out at a...
  4. Bonnell

    Help with tire wear/alignment

    Well I have read of bad front tire wear on Z51 and GS vettes. When I bought my '08 Z51 vert last September I checked the tires and they appeared to be new. They are not the supercar tires that came on the car new but instead they are the same standard GY F1 that came on my new '08 coupe (non...
  5. Bonnell

    A Little Brake Noise - Any Problem?

    I have an '08 base coupe (non-Z51) with 8,800 miles on it. It is my DD and 90% of my driving is on the Interstate. The other morning I noticed a little squealing when I was backing up and moving forward and braking. This is using very little foot pressure since I was just moving around my...
  6. Bonnell

    Alingment on 2008

    Edit: Ok, I really did mean alignment, not alingment. Based on input that I have seen here I was concerned about the alignment on my '08 coupe (4700 miles) so today whn I took it in for an oil change and to have the fix for the popping roof made I told them I wanted an alignment. I...
  7. Bonnell

    Got to look at a ZR1 close up

    My '08 is in having the roof creaking fixed, oil changed and, based on a lot of input from members, an alignment. While at the dealership I went to the showroom and had a look at a Cyber Gray ZR1. The sticker price is $117,000. Two things really stood out: 1) Cyber Gray looks much better in...
  8. Bonnell

    ClearBra Saved My Paint

    As I have posted previously, when I bought my new '08 JSB coupe I debated whether I should spend $900 on a ClearBra treament that provides coverage of all vulnerable areas or to spend ~$750 on Speed Lingerie color bra and mirror covers. I chose the ClearBra because of the protection behind the...
  9. Bonnell

    See you in Eureka Springs

    Is there going to be a gthering from CAC in Eureka Springs in two weeks? I will be there on Saturday and maybe Sunday.:thumb
  10. Bonnell

    Free to good home..

    I have a C5 (2001-2004) specification plate that I purchased and then decided that I did not want to put it in my car. As you can see it is a Delco certified part. Obviously I do not want to give it away just to have it sold somewhere. I want to give it to someone who will use it on his/her own...
  11. Bonnell

    2008 Creaking Roof

    I called my service rep today regarding the TSB for the creaking roof issue. He initially said he would have to verify the issue before GM would let him order a part. After reviewing the TSB he called me back and told me he has it ordered (I believe both latch assemblies). He said that the...
  12. Bonnell

    Ever just look at your vette and get a thrill all over again?

    As I have posted before, I traded my '02 black/Lt oak vert for my new '08 JSB coupe. I loved the C5. It is a beautiful car and I never had a bit of trouble from it. I hate to see it on the Chevy lot. I still think the C5 is a sexy car. After I had the GAC performance exhaust installed (my...
  13. Bonnell

    ClearBra and Nakidparts Splash Guard Added

    After dealing with rock chips on my '02 vert I decided when I got another vette I would protect the paint as well as I could to prevent rock chips. After looking at every bra I could find I decided on the Speed Lingerie bra and mirror covers. This would cost between $750 & $850. The problem is...
  14. Bonnell

    Help! Adding a Review

    I am attempting to add a review of my new exhaust system. I add the comments, part number and I have uploaded pictures as well as simply adding links (I've tried three times) to Photobucket but nothing works. When I click to upload/submit the upload/submit button responds by greying out as it...
  15. Bonnell

    Question: Window Tinting

    I have a new 1LZ JSB 2008 coupe. I asked about the cargo cover but they want $270 for that and what I am after if protection from the sun and maybe a little help keeping it cool. The dealership quotes $160 to tint the windows. I want to make sure that I get a tint that lasts for years with no...
  16. Bonnell

    Help! Its not an NPP exhaust so what is it?

    When I purchased my 2008 coupe last week it did not have the NPP exhaust on it. I asked to add it. They said no problem that they would order it. Several people have made comments that adding NPP is not possible so this morning when I took it in I asked again and explained the issue. The...
  17. Bonnell

    A Few Pics of my new 2008

    It is not a great day for pics since it is overcast. I want to take photos soon where I can get good shots of how the paint changes depending on the lighting. This is car is a real dream to drive.:thumb
  18. Bonnell

    Traded my Vert

    Well guys and gals I did it. Monday I took a test drive in a new 2008 JSB A6 w/paddle shifter. Wow, I loved it. Last night I drove my new C6 home and I had to leave my 2002 vert with the dealer. She was a beauty but it was time to move on. I have enjoyed the C5 forum (as I did the C4 forum)...
  19. Bonnell

    Bought a JSB 2008

    Well I finally did it! Yesterday I drove a new JSB 1LT A6. I loved the paddle shifting. The power is really noticably better than my 2002 vert and it handles better. I really spent some time on the lot today comparing JSB, Black and Mag Red and I just kept coming back to the JSB. The car is...
  20. Bonnell

    Pollen Yellow

    My '02 vert is black with Lt Oak top and interior. It seems that this time of year it is destined to be PY - Pollen Yellow. So, move over MY, there is a new color in town. I can't believe it has started already.:W
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