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  1. fixvet

    How I fixed ALL my crazy electrical issues! And...you can too!!

    Beginning in early 2012, I started getting the following DTC's on a consistent basis, which left my car without the HVAC and F45 electronic suspension working...as well as ABS and Traction Control warning lites on the dash display. At first the problems would come and go, then the functions...
  2. fixvet

    Eureka Springs GTG.....Anyone going??

    Anybody going down to the annual Eureka Springs, Arkansas Vette rally Oct. 2,3 & 4th? I'm only 2 hrs. away and plan on going down and back home on that Sat. to check out the cars, people and the beautiful Ozark scenery. See you there! :thumb:thumb
  3. fixvet

    Help! WTB....set of wheel center caps

    Looking for a set of 4 thin spoke wheel center caps, chrome preferred not not necessary..........lug nuts optional. Wanted to use for a new idea that I have for them. I've been out of work for over a year, so looking for a good deal if anyone has a set laying around your garage gathering...
  4. fixvet

    WTB 2002-2004 LS1 intake manifold

    Want a buy an intake manifold from a 2002 thru 2004 LS1 engine. Thinking of doing some painting experiments and need only a manifold to play with. PM me if you have one available. (I may be able to pick up in SoCal)
  5. fixvet

    Instructions to clean your trottle body

    Instructions to clean your throttle body Just found these great instructions on why, and how to clean your throttle body. I thought I'd pass it along. http://www.corvettemagazine.com/2002/july/clean-air/air-1.asp[/url][/URL]
  6. fixvet

    Help, I need to clean oily valve covers

    From a nearly new CACC guy: I've had my sweet '88 one year now (owner #3), and the previous owner seemed to take immaculate care of this car. I do too, but, I'm alittle hesitant about what to use to clean the aluminum cast parts ie. valve covers, plenum, etc. They're not really too dirty, but...
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