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  1. Dad

    Question: Dash/Information/8-speed Automatic

    After looking at the gear selection "D" for a year now I can't help but wonder why there could not be the gear number that the transmission is actually in displayed in the middle of the "D"? Just a few extra pixels would do the trick.
  2. Dad


    Done deal mats look great, thanks.
  3. Dad


    Consider the mats sold, need information to send payment snail mail. TIA
  4. Dad

    Corsa Sport model 14169, fits 2005 through 2008

    No damage and sound great but won't fit my C7. These sell new at $1,300/$1,400, make me a reasonable offer an I'll even put them on for you - free. Shipping extra.
  5. Dad

    Question: Metal in oil filters?

    There has been some chatter on the net about C7 engine failure due to metal in it's oil filter. If this is so what is the C7 filter number and is there any recall on those that might have "metal" in them? . Why in the world would there be metal in an oil filter with the only machined part...
  6. Dad

    Craig Parliament (bossvette) Killed Sunday

    Craig was one of the four that put together the first cruisefest in Auburn In. 2004. He was hit while stopped on his Harley at a light behind another car about 9:00 Sunday morning. Another driver failed to stop and pushed him into the car in front of him, he died on the scene. His passenger...
  7. Dad

    Question: C7 tire size and TPMs

    When I was working up my order for the C7 it was interesting to me that the front/rear tire size for the base coupe was the same as the C6. Since I have another set of tires and rims for my C6 with TPSs I was wondering if anyone knows if they have the same sensors in the C7 as there are in the...
  8. Dad

    Driving the C6 for one last trip to South Carolina

    Spent 22 hours in the C6 this last week and had great weather but hit light rain for the last 200 miles. Missed having the rain tires on but the EMTs came through fine. The reason I'm posting this is I saw a grand total of 3 Corvette on the road in all that travel. Why do we own these great...
  9. Dad

    Question: C6 air filter

    While I was changing the air filters on the C6 I got a bit of a surprise. The old and the new filters were constructed differently. The one on the left (old) is Purolator A35591, the other (new) is WIX 42821. Not sure which way to have the vanes located to air flow for best filter/flow results...
  10. Dad

    Bulb failure

    I had another left side park, running, directional light burn out and have seen this on a number of other GM vehicles. The contacts were scorched and dark brown that would make me think there could be some extra heat in there or arcing. Just the contacts, no obvious damage to the plastic housing...
  11. Dad

    Grand Sport Question: Vibration

    Your transmission is in the rear. My money would be on a tire problem, clutch (if 6 sp.) or drive shaft in that order.
  12. Dad

    '72 running hot

    Out to pickup a load of fuel for a trip out of state tomorrow on a nice 84° day with a strong breeze. Temp just went over 210 and I smell green leaving my pocket, OK it might be something else. Think I'll keep the back two closed for the rest of this trip. Home and the smell is much stronger...
  13. Dad

    '64 choke problems

    Time to get the '64 out and ready to go. Tried to start it and no go, opened the hood and removed the breather and set the choke. That's the reason I'm posting this. The piston in the choke stove was frozen up again with carbon/black soot. After I set the coke it started right up. By the way...
  14. Dad

    Vehicle Research and Test Center

    I received a questionnaire from the - U. S. Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Research and Test Center P.O. Box B37 East Liberty, OH 43319-0337 They want me to answer some questions about my C6 (serial number included) like, What kind of...
  15. Dad

    First C6 oil change

    Now I'm going to get picky. Has anyone noticed that the Corvette still uses the PF44 ACDelco oil filter? If you try to buy a PF44 they are nowhere to be found. Could it be that the PF44 was replaced by the PF46 two years ago. If you go to their site http://www.acdelco.com/html/catalog/index.htm...
  16. Dad

    C6 observations.

    Is it just me or do any of you coupe owners think there is less rear vision out the rear view mirror of the C6 than there was in the C5?? The thing I thought I would like the least turns out to be the best every headlights. Next best improvement is the brakes on the Z51 package. This...
  17. Dad

    Z06 sway bars and Bilstein shocks

    SOLD --- Z06 sway bars and Bilstein shocks For sale a GM Z06 sway bars and metal links set. Number 10419094 front, 1.185 diameter, 10424743 rear, .945 diameter $175, with bushings, and 2 each Bilstein gas shock numbers 40149 and 40150, $210. Together $350 and I'll pay the shipping. Wheels from...
  18. Dad

    Ditched the run flats.

    Question, the standard radials (speed rated) that I replaced the Run Flats with make a big difference in the way it rides and the noise level is great. I want to jack the air pressure to the right pressure to get even tread wear. The seller and the installer want me to run what it says on the...
  19. Dad

    2 more Corvettes

    I can't stand it, got to tell everyone. I bid $3.99 on (2) 53/54/55 Corvettes on Ebay. Well I got them and thought they can't be much if they sold that cheap. Shipping was $6. They are 10 inches long, stamped steel and have working friction motors. Not the greatest stamping but look very nice...
  20. Dad

    Where did the cubes go?

    I’m in the engine rebuild mood and have some questions of the learned folks out there. First off it’s a 350, 1978 vintage, big valves and 4 bolt mains. With the bore of 4.00 and stroke of 3.48 to get the 350 C.I.D., the question comes to mind that with the new pistons with the offset pins it...
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