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  1. AussieCorvetteNut

    Question: Rear hatch glass adhesive

    Hi guys, haven’t posted on a while, but I am after some information on the adhesive used between the hatch mounting plate and 3rd brake light and the hatch glass itself. also after info on alignment of the two. I have removed them for pairing on my 84 here in Australia and as I finish up the...
  2. AussieCorvetteNut

    1984 Two Tone Blue Colours

    Hi Everyone, I used a Dupont Paint Code (B8323) to mix up some medium blue metallic paint for my 84 Coupe here in Australia. While the new paint looks good on the chassis rails, against the current medium blue on the exterior panels, it looks like it has a bit of purple in it. I had the paint...
  3. AussieCorvetteNut

    Question: Why would there be a relay in the Starter Circuit?

    I have a question as I am working my way through a wiring tidy up and have come across an aftermarket relay that Circuit 6 (FSM 8A-31 - Pin 1F in C100) connects too. It looks like the previous owners/ mechanics have installed a relay between the starter solenoid ciruit coming from the firewall...
  4. AussieCorvetteNut

    Question: C4 Water Pumps - Are the top end ones really any better?

    Hi Everyone, I am looking at water pumps for my rebuild and wanted to know if there are any thoughts on Water Pumps brands...ie are the more expensive brands really worth the extra outlay of cash? I have an AC Delco unit for my 84 Coupe and am looking at an Edelbrock unit...just not too sure...
  5. AussieCorvetteNut

    1984 Coupe - ECM Bypass

    Hi Guys, I am thinking of eliminating my ECM in my 84 as part of my FAST EZ EFI Engine Management Upgrade, that will power my Edelbrock PRO FLO XT. Just wondering if anyone has removed the ECM from their Vette. I have started to eliminate Crossfire Injection wiring and 4+3 wiring as I am also...
  6. AussieCorvetteNut

    Question: C4 Serpentine Drive Systems

    Hi Guys, I am fitting an Edelbrock PRO FLO XT intake to my 84 Coupe - thread: http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/c4-technical-and-performance/142430-will-edelbrock-pro-fo-xt-fit-under-84-hood.html I am wondering if anyone has installed an aftermarket serpentine drive system or maybe...
  7. AussieCorvetteNut

    84 Parts Needed

    Hi everyone, I need the following: GM 14064518 - RH Rear Inner Wheel Well Panel GM 14069695 or GM 14081833 - LH Front Wheelhouse panel Shipped to Australia... Send a private message if you know of any available. :beer Tony
  8. AussieCorvetteNut

    Question: Will the Edelbrock Pro Fo XT fit under an 84 Hood?

    I have read the following article a few times and it looks like the Pro Flo XT fits under an 86 hood, just wondering if the 84 and 86 hoods are the same? I took a close look at my hood and then matched it up with a spare hood I have. I also match this up with and 85 hood on another Vette that...
  9. AussieCorvetteNut

    Edelbrock discontinuing TPI Intake Base 3861

    Hi everyone, I emailed one of the speed shops in Australia today to enquire about purchasing an Edelbrock High Flow TPI Intake Base (3861) and they said that Edelbrock had discontinued them...WTF?:mad I then did a quick search online, Summit was out of stock with a big discontinued banner, but...
  10. AussieCorvetteNut

    Help! Fitting a retro-roller cam assembly to a pre-roller Crossfire L83

    Hi Guys, I am in the middle of planning for an engine rebuild. I am upgrading my Crossfire Injection to a Tuned Port System (probably MAF at this stage). I am also upgrading the heads to suit a retro-roller cam, lifters and roller rockers. At this stage, I intend to re-use my matching...
  11. AussieCorvetteNut

    84 Coupe - Rear spindle nut removal

    Hi Guys, I have an 84 coupe that I am trying to remove the rear spindle nuts from. Now normally you would crack this nut before you remove the spindle knuckle assembly from the car, but I have removed the rear suspension and driveline to panel beat the floor where past fellas have bent it by...
  12. AussieCorvetteNut

    C4 Rear Spring to Differential Shims

    Hi everyone, I am rebuilding my 84 Vette's rear driveline at the moment and have just sent the differential off to a specialised differential workshop with a rebuild kit, for repair. i have spare metals shims for the rear spring mount from a donor car I had, but I don't have any spare paper/...
  13. AussieCorvetteNut

    Do LT1 heads fit L83?

    Just looking at heads cam and intake options for upgrading the L83 in my 84. Do LT1 heads fit on an L83... I would like to upgrade to a roller cam and lifters, and 1.6 roller rockers.
  14. AussieCorvetteNut

    Question: Crossfire Intake Manifolds

    Ok, I know this topic has been flogged to death, but from what I see, the postings are a few years old, meaning there may or may not be new technology out there. My issue is that I am starting the process of removing my matching numbers engine and DNE 4+3, and rebuilding the engine and boat...
  15. AussieCorvetteNut

    Tremec 5 Speed Swap

    Hi guys, I wanted to know if anyone could help me source a conversion kit (excluding tremec transmission) for a TKO 500 or TKO 600, to replace my DNE 4+3. I have decided to pull the engine and 4+3 out of the 84 and rebuild the engine, but upgrade the transmission to tremec. I have two DNE 4+3...
  16. AussieCorvetteNut

    Oh Sh.......bugger!

    Ok, I started the long list of jobs on the 84....aka BLUE i decided to pull the radiator out after running a flush through it and it opens up the front so I can get to the water pump, front timing cover seal and power steering pump. i went to loosen the O/D trans cooler lines from the radiator...
  17. AussieCorvetteNut

    Question: What the....?

    Hi Guys, I found this temperature controller on my 84 Coupe, just wondering what it is exactly and why someone would have put it on. I would like to put it back to normal, what would I need to look for. I wouldn't like to put a hole in every new radiator that goes in, looks crap. Also added a...
  18. AussieCorvetteNut

    Question: Ok, what now?

    Ok, I have the parts 84 up on stands, but have come up with a chicken before the egg kind of dilemma. I need to drop the rear diff assembly and front suspension on this parts car, but will have nothing to drop it down onto, to get it out of the shed. I am rough, but even I wouldn't just skull...
  19. AussieCorvetteNut

    Question: 84 Fuel Tanks - Are they lined?

    Hi Guys, My two-tone 84 has some issues, too many to list here, but one I found from taking the old spare tyre holder out, was surface rust on the outside of the fuel tank. I have a parts 84 Coupe that has a DANA 36 Diff and a fuel tank, the tank looks in better shape than mine. I removed this...
  20. AussieCorvetteNut

    Help! Exhaust Replacement - 84 Coupe 4+3

    Hi Guys, I have a slightly damaged rear Y-pipe section (near the spare tyre holder) and am thinking about replacing the original exhaust when I drop the gearbox and diff. I have been looking at the Walker products, but I need something to eliminate the catalytic converter. I Australia...
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