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  1. red70vette

    1970 Corvette Coupe ror sale

    I am selling my 1970 Monza Red coupe that I have owned for 14 years. It is highly optioned from the factory with a 350/300 HP engine, A/C, PW, PB, Auto, Deluxe Black leather interior, AM FM Stereo radio, PO2 hubcaps. Numbers are matching except for the alternator. Asking $25K Contact Tony @...
  2. red70vette

    Power Window Motor repair

    I need to repalace or repair my driver's side power window motor. The car is a 70 Coupe and I would like to know if anyone has any tips or tricks for removing and replacing the power window motor. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  3. red70vette

    Exhaust leaking at manifold

    I have a 1970 cpe with a 350/300 original engine. The exhaust was replaced sometime in its history. I have recently noticed an exhaust leak at the passenger side heat riser. I have replaced the gasket between the heat riser and the manifold but there is still an exhaust leak. The leak...
  4. red70vette

    Relay Clicking problem

    There is a relay on the firewall to the driver's side of the wiper motor on my 70 Cpe with a/c & auto that begins clicking when the car gets warmed up. I don't know what the problem is and don't know what the relay does. The wipers work fine but the washer pump needs a rebuild. If the relay...
  5. red70vette

    Blower relay wiring

    I am troubleshooting my Heater A/c system and I need to know what the wiring connections are on the Blower relay that is mounted on the passenger side firewall. There are 4 wires connecting to the relay. A black wire that is connected to a tab that stands alone. The other three wires are held...
  6. red70vette

    Temperature sending unit 70 vette

    I have been having problems getting a correct temp reading on my 1970 350/300. Gauge worked well until my water pump went and the car overheated. Fortunately no damage to the engine but the temp gauge has not worked accurately since. Needle on the gauge only moves about 1/2 inch and as a...
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