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  1. The13Bats

    Question: Weird VIN issue...

    I wanted to see if any people more in the know have ever heard of this, Keep in mind I am second party, On an early c3 corvette the pillar VIN tag which IS original is missing one number the 6th number in this case, However , the frame numbers and the paper title numbers all match besides the...
  2. The13Bats

    windshield swapping...

    I am involved in a custom project so year correct is not an issue here, I believe that c3's had different windshields 68-72 then 73-77, 78-82 Does anyone know for sure the difference between the 68-72 glass and the 73-77 glass, Pictures would be great, Does anyone know for sure if the rake or...
  3. The13Bats

    Whose Steering wheel?

    I cant make out the logo, Any clue who makes this weird steering wheel? Thanks P.
  4. The13Bats

    Selling my Motion mako Project

    Greetings, In an act of foolishness I am sure I will regret I have posted my Mako Shark project for sale , The price 6000.00 is set realistically for such a project, I would rather see a vette person get this car and do it up. Many thanks, And Cheers, Serious people please...
  5. The13Bats

    Digital CB Cassette Stereo For Sale

    I have a fully working CB Cassette digital stereo that came in the 81-82 vettes I have decided to sell since I am going radical custom on the 81 and I want to put an Alpine 9815 in my c4 if I can get out of this anywhere near what I paid for it I can buy the Alpine. Please email me if you have...
  6. The13Bats

    I need tips on Side pipe install

    I have a set of hooker side pipe headers on the way I wanted to get some tips and hints for a smooth install, Stuff like what I need to remove, do they snake in from the top or bottom? :bang I have a small block 81 that already has under car headers so I have the special brackets. Thanks, H.
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