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    I am looking to trade these ZR1 replica rims

    I bought these originally for my 1990 corvette. They are 17x9.5 and 17x11 with like new sumitomo tires 275/40/17 & 315/35/17. They are I believe both 50mm offset and the required no spacers to fit my vette nor my 97 camaro. They are powedercoated a silver greyish color and in perfect...
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    WTB 3rd brake light assembly from a 91-96

    can't have broken tabs .... need asap!
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    Parting out 1982 convertible corvette

    I have decided to part this car out. It has no interior parts at all but is mechanically complate. Hard top 300.00 convertible windows 175.00 pair decklid hinges 45.00 pair decklid 100.00 rear bumper cover 100.00 doors 75.00 pair complete front suspension 175.00 complete rear suspension 500.00...
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    F /S 1990 Corvette 3.33:1 dana44

    I had this thing sold and yet the buyer claims it not to be a dana44 so I refunded his money. However you can clearly see this is a dana44. Turns very smoothly and oil that came out was extremely clean. 675.00 plus shipping ..... Expect shipping to be in the area of 100'ish since I would...
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    1990 corvette parts for sale

    Electrical parts have been tested in my other 1990 corvette and work great ... Car has many many other good parts ask if you are looking for anything else. NO drivetrain in car just a parts car is all. bose speakers and CDM not for sale was a 6 speed car .... most body panels are nit good...
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    1990 corvette front suspension parts

    These are from a FE7 J55 car only thing missing is the front spring and shocks & rotors 350.00 A-arm sets knuckles sway bar calipers caliper mounts rack and pinion
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    For sale rotor to rotor 1990 corvette Dana44

    I bought this parts car for parts for my other 90 vette. It has a 3.33:1 posi & seems to be in nice shape. It is missing the shocks and it is a FE7 car. This is located in southern California and can be picked up to avoid shipping cost. 850.00 firm
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    WANTED TPI bolts

    I'm looking for the torx bolts that go into the top of the runners and into the plenum both sides. I also need one bolt that mounts the fuel rail to the base manifold also both front fuel rail bolts that secure the front fuel lines to the base. If you have these specific bolts let me know
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    whats this coolant hose for on my 90

    I've never seen this on a TPI motor. It's about a 5/16ths hose or so, anyways it goes into the intake on the passenger side by the distributor.
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    what are these injectors

    six of them are "python" orange tops and two others have this number buut are not pythons 01d036b another number on them is 0256 these two injector have 3 hole spray nozzle. I also talked to a chevy technician and he says yes vette L-98's had 24lb injectors while f-body L-98's had 22lb...
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    1990 sport seat parts for sale

    I am putting standard seats in my 1990 so selling parts off these or the whole seats. Cushions are shot and will need to be completely replaced.
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    what year air cleaners will fit my 1990

    where the intake tube clamps down on my air cleaner assembly is all messed up so I need a replacement air cleaner housing. what years will fit this without any mods besides a 1990 ?? would a 91-up one work in my car or would a 85-89 work better ???? I can't find one specifically for a 90 thats...
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    best 17" tire for ride

    I'm curious what would be a nice tire that would give my vette a decent ride. Yes I know corvette=handling .... But I don't plan on racing this car it's just going to be a commuter car. Also while on the subject of making it ride nice could the springs be changed out to something a little less...
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    sport seat to standard seat conversion questions

    I don't want to deal with the added expense of fixing any problems with my 1990's sport seats. I just ordered some NQP foam seat backs and some seat bottoms. to me it looks like the wont work with the bladders, motors etc etc. that are in my sport seat frames. If I remove all this stuff I am...
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    wanted 90-91 a/c compressor clutch

    wanted 1990-91 a/c compressor clutch assembly
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    Is this a blown head gasket give me your opinion

    I bought this 1990 vette which the seller a young kid claimed thats what it had. I ran the car on a cold rainy day and yes there was alot of white smoke (keep in mind this car has no cats) but today was sunny and considerably warmer car went to about 230 degrees fans running all the time...
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    anyone bought from this company (weathstripping related)

    eBay Motors: 1990 1991-1995 Corvette Coupe 13 Piece Weatherstrip Kit (item 190269997300 end time Feb-25-09 13:06:52 PST) I think for 450 it seems like a good deal however wanted to know if anyone has bought from them and whats the quality like on there weatherstripping.
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    is this a sticking thermostat or air pocket in engine

    its on my 1990 temp gauge runs up to 240 but engine seems to feel nowhere close to that. Upper radiator hose is warm but not hot yet gets very hard. with cooling fans running there only blowing cold air. I can see coolant circulating inside that black recovery thing mounted by the firewall...
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    RPO code for sport seats

    The 90 I bought has them but nothing works on them when using the switches so I am curious if they were just added to the car and not wired up. what would be the rpo code on my spid
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