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  1. C5NGAGE

    LS7 take off heads for sale $500

    I have the bare undamaged Cylinder heads off my own 2007 Ron Fellows Z06 for sale. They have 22,000 miles and were removed when I found titanium in my motor oil. They were not damaged but require valve guide replacement and all the head components as they are bare heads. They are Z06 LS7...
  2. C5NGAGE

    Question: Veteran Volunteers to Restore 74 Coupe for Veterans Benefit

    I have agreed to restore and update a 74 Coupe, I want to ask for Retired Veterans that would be willing to volunteer to support this restoration. We are targeting Feb 2015 to start, the work will be done in Chantilly in a Shop. We will get trained on all aspects of the process and have use of...
  3. C5NGAGE

    Question: Restoring 74 Coupe for Veterans Benefit 5.3 LS Swap ?

    Had this pretty rusty 74 Coupe to restore for a project. I have a second frame and Bird cage just in Case. I also want to make sure it is reliable and fun to drive. Thinking about the 5.3 LS motor with 6 Speed Auto Trans for replacement and update. Has any one completed such a swap? Any feedback...
  4. C5NGAGE

    Question: LS 7 Cam amd spring options

    My 2007 C6 Z06 with its LS7 is getting some repairs. Are there Chevy Performance Parts that make sense for this engine? LS7 Stock Cam versus Stage II or Stage III cam ? I wanted to use GM parts like the old days. I had an L88 Cam in my 396 etc etc Any guidance for updates would be great or...
  5. C5NGAGE

    Question: 2007 LS7 lifter noise

    I have been gone for quite a while and may have missed this topic, but it has cropped up on my 2007 Z06 with 26,000 miles and I need some input. 2,000 RPM up thru 2,600 RPM lifter tapping on the right (passenger) side is very very noticeable. I had needle bearing in the oil and replaced al the...
  6. C5NGAGE

    Rocker Arm Issue

    Is there a way to determine if the rocker arm bearings are falling out besides finding the rollers in the oil during oil changes? noise, engine operation, performance? Has any one put in the after market arms as a replacement?
  7. C5NGAGE

    PCV valve for Oil Burners

    As I am repairing a knock sensor ruined by oil leaks I learned that there is a replacement PCV valve with a smaller orifice for those that seem to use more oil than normal. My #2 port was real stained and dirty and the gasket arround the intake manifold was oil soaked as well. I use 1-2 quarts...
  8. C5NGAGE

    Oil Soaked Knock Sensor

    Anyone had experience with DTC P-0327 and finding oil seaping into a knock sensor from the valley cover grommet? Working repairs now could use your experience
  9. C5NGAGE

    Checking your PCM for updates

    In recent weeks I have been chasing a few gremlins in my 98 Coupe "White Fang". I have with the help of numerous Vette buddies found that my PCM has the original GM flash code and it may be out of date. This seems to be like updating drivers on your PC. There is a GM site that offers you the...
  10. C5NGAGE

    C5 Voltage Question

    I have had some DTC issues and was told it could be due to low voltage. Can those with C5's post their normal running volts as read off the display. I can only get to 13.8 volts after a short or long run. With Lots of stuff runing I have seen as low as 11.7 and after a restart as low as 10.8...
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