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  1. Pseudomind

    My New Baby 2002 MY Roadster

    2002 Roadster, now I almost have twins :upthumbs My 2003 Z06 :upthumbs
  2. Pseudomind

    Windshield Cleaner, Car wash solution

    I just had my car serviced and specifically told them not to wash it, they did wash it thought. It was one of those automatic car washes at the dealership. Now my windshield is coated with something and it creates a nightmare at night. What can I use to remove whatever is on it? I am...
  3. Pseudomind

    Z06 - What's the quickest way to get to 150 MPH from rolling between 35 - 45 MPH?

    (C5- Z06, only have about 3/4 mile maybe a bit more to reach speed and then back down) ;shrug What's the quickest way to get to 150+ MPH from rolling between 35 - 45 MPH? What gear/RPM range would you be in previously when first starting from the 35 - 45 MPH? Thanks :upthumbs
  4. Pseudomind

    OK a crazy question? HUD and convertibles

    I have never really noticed, and I am toying with the idea of after the start of th new year getting me a convertible/automatic as a daily driver. So, do the convertibles have the option for HUD? Thanks
  5. Pseudomind

    Traction Control? Never Noticed

    ? I was out before dark last night on a bit of isolated four lane road,sitting at a light and played a little when taking off. No getting sideways or smoking the tires, but felt that the Corvette wanted to get sideways if I let it. Any way I only played from first through third. When I hit...
  6. Pseudomind

    2003 Z06, Tire, Front, P265/40ZR18 -18 inch?

    Does someone have an explanation for this? I thought the front tires came standard 17 inch? XFW Tire, Front, P265/40ZR18 From the 2003 Z06 Production Chart It does state Tire, Front? Thanks
  7. Pseudomind

    What is the about two inch black line

    Which is showing up above peoples signatures? Look at my signature and then at post two and three at this link, http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=91779 on post two look just below Elaine
  8. Pseudomind

    Tire plugs on Z06?

    Can the stock Goodyear tires used on Z06 P295/35ZR18 be plugged as they are not run-flats, naturally this is the rear tire. I have a small what looks like a nail or screw in my passenger side rear, yet I still have considerable tread. I am not for sure it is even leaking as I put a drop of...
  9. Pseudomind

    So what is the big difference between the 1967, L71 & L88

    The L-71 was sold in a few thousand and was listed at 435 HP while only 20 L-88 engines were sold and listed at 430 HP, what gives for the difference in numbers? And 67Heaven here is another addition for your back in time link for 1967. I went into the Army at the ripe age of 17, thus I never...
  10. Pseudomind

    Charging System? Is this maybe normal?

    Due to other commitments and the weather, I have not driven my Corvette in two weeks. I decided I was going to drive it this weekend one way or the other. It started right up, but after driving about a mile it died momentarily, then came back on. I drove about four or five miles, stopped at a...
  11. Pseudomind

    Stabilty control requirement

    Has anyone read this? Stability Control The part which gets me is this; What do you suppose the consumer will be tagged for price wise, or look at it this way. It is basically the same as what the Corvette's have now. Just imagine what repair cost will be, knowing what they are currently...
  12. Pseudomind

    Z06 headers any HP gain?

    I have performed some preliminary research and I cannot find where switching to headers on the Z06 makes much difference. Anyone have any links or input regarding horsepower gain by adding headers? Thanks
  13. Pseudomind

    Z06 gears to top speed chart

    I have looked in the Tech Section and could not find it. I found the gear ratio's for each gear but I am looking for a chart which shows the maximum calculated speed for each gear at an established RPM range or even red line will do, e.g first gear top speed of 53 MPPH at 6,000 RPM. I...
  14. Pseudomind

    GM C5 Z06 bra, anyone seen? Used

    Here is the issue, if you have ever seen one they are a nightmare compared to the standard GM C5 bra They have six openings on the front four of these openings, the two screens and the turn signal lights have eight tabs which are to be inserted each time you install the bra between the...
  15. Pseudomind

    Stock Z06 front screens

    Has anyone seen or know who may make an after market set of these front Z06 (2003) STOCK screens made with a more rugged expanded metal or something more similar? The wire mesh is ahmm, I will just leave it at that. I am not referring to the other front brake openings in the fascia Thanks
  16. Pseudomind

    C5 Corvette mechanics, Jacksonville, FL

    I hit a number of different boards and you would think that some how a word of mouth (Internet in this case) would develop on where and who to see for taking one's Corvette to for reliable service, minor modifications, or other work. I would almost bet that not everyone does their own work on...
  17. Pseudomind

    Techron fuel additive.

    I was in Wal-Mart the other day looking for some of this and looked at a good number of fuel injector cleaner bottles, and not one had a ingredient listing on the bottle (this product contains petroleum based substances was listed) . I understand Chevron sells this in black bottles with the...
  18. Pseudomind

    Anyone had any water issues with after market intakes?

    I have performed some Google searches about after market air intakes, Calloway Honker, Blackwing, Vararam to name a few, for the C5's and inevitably I run across some comments' about water getting into some of the aftermarket intakes. 1. Has anyone in this form here at CAC had this issue? 2...
  19. Pseudomind

    Added Appearance Mods

    I have added some appearance mods and I believe this will do it for appearance items. Red door bezel, red handle pulls and the red grab bar pull along with the red mats. For the outside the stripes and at the exhaust I added a MY Z06 405 HP plate.
  20. Pseudomind

    C5 Corvette Stripes (Racing stripes)

    I am seriously considering getting/having a set of these CE stripes installed, but first I wish to ask if anyone on the forum has added stripes to their Corvette. C5 Corvette Stripes CE 1 I am concerned whether anyone has had any problems with the edges breaking off or peeling. Any...
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