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    D30 "Color Override" option

    After reviewing the 2012 Porduction #'s, I ran across "D30" Color Override" option. What IS that? All I know is 58 cars had it. None were Z06's. Are there 58 "Mary Kay" Corvettes running around?;LOL
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    Grand Sport New GS owner with a question

    The only thing I use NAV for is @ 1/32nd mile scale. I use it to tell me what an unknown road is going to do if I'm "railing" it. Saved my bacon a coupla times (and almost cost me my bacon other times.) Speaking of which, why is bacon $8 a pound?:eyerole
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    Grand Sport Thank God We are not alone.

    Where did you read that? What is the weight distribution that you thought it was going to be? Why would you want a battery in the trunk (in a vert?) Why would anyone want GM's problematic dry sump system? If you have a 2010 GS, please send me your brakes and wheels/tires as my Z06 is in need...
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    Grand Sport Thank God We are not alone.

    Dry sump is for a more "competition" oriented vehicle, convertable tops are not. Verts have their place, but not on tracks.
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    Grand Sport WHY! The different, but the same engine?

    You bring up some valid points. Marketing maybe? All I know is if you have a fast convertible, you aren't on the track for long!
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    Grand Sport Dead Battery?

    Use a Buck knife! Naw, just kidding! (That was an answer I got from a suspected car thief in the "interview room, once.) To get into the locked vehicle when you have a dead battery~ 1. Utilize your key hidden in your FOB to unlock the trunk lid. (Keylock is just above the license plate.) 2...
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    Grand Sport 2010 GS Transmission Problem 2000 Miles

    If it "pops out of gear" upon decel, then I'd look at bent shift fork or linkage. It might just need to be adjusted as these manual linkages are critical for positive shifting.
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    Synthetic or "dino" oil?

    Back in 1994, during the Charlotte 600 NASCAR race, an oil company did a test with 2 Hendrick/Joe Gibbs car engines. Both were run the full 600 miles at race speed. Both were totally torndown post race. (They always are.) One was run with a synthetic oil and the other got "dino" oil. Both oils...
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    Grand Sport Ordering a New Grand Sport

    Don't forget to pull the exhaust flap fuse. (Of course, you'll discover DRONE, but ya gotta at least try it.) You're right about throttle response, all the C6's are quite lazy with this. It can be helped slightly with tuning, but don't bother destroying your warranty just yet. About the LS3~...
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    Grand Sport Oil pressure on 2010 Grand Sport

    The oil pressure is EXTREMELY dependant upon the oil temperature and RPM. You must include the oil temperature & RPM for a comparison. I drove a new GS a couple weeks ago (it had <20 miles on it.) I noticed the oil pressure varied from 22 PSI to 75 PSI. With this info only, it's useless. You...
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    Grand Sport Ordering a New Grand Sport

    Blade silver is what it's called. With white GS stripes, it's going to be BRIGHT! Did you get the "Heretage package?" Post a pic when you get it. Also, you might want to remove fuse #10. It is located on the very bottom row in the right column. (This fuse box is located in the passenger's foot...
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    Grand Sport Ordering a New Grand Sport

    Yup, they were headed W/B while I was headed E/B on the 40...
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    Grand Sport Ordering a New Grand Sport

    Al, you car will not be on any train. Bowling Green has been using Allied Auto-Transport since the C5 days. Unfortunately, Allied will not tell anyone when or where their car is currently (for TSA security purposes.) It'll look like this~
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    Grand Sport Ordering a New Grand Sport

    You won't be dissapointed with the LS3! You'll find it has better torque AND drivability than any of the engines you have listed. There are 2 engines that beat the LS3. They are the LS7 & LS9. That's it![/FONT][/COLOR] Also, since the LS3 is so refined, it seems slower than your LT4 & 5...
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    Grand Sport LS3 Engines in Grand Sport

    Once you plant your foot in a Z06, it'll be tough to want anything else...:thumb
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    Grand Sport Drove the gs vert

    I test drove a new GS vert last Sunday. I currently have a 2006 Z06 (for 4 years.) I wanted to see the differences. Here's what I discoverd~ The car I drove had the MXO tranmission. I liked it! (around town.) The GS has slightly more body roll than the Z. The engine is nice and...
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    Grand Sport Ordering a New Grand Sport

    Al~ Regarding the differences between the C4s you have and your upcoming C6, here it is in one word: REFINEMENT. You will soon discover just how "unrefined" the C4 is when compared to the C6. Don't bother comparing the LS2 vs. LS3 as they have completely different head flow...
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    Grand Sport ground clearance

    If Corvettes are lowered too much, the wheels look "too high" in their wells. I guess it's subjective but odd looking to me. When the wheel is centered in it's well, then it looks right (to me.):thumb
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    Grand Sport 4-Star General Orders 10th Corvette

    Every veteran that served honorably should get a $10,000 credit towards the purchase of a new Corvette. If they have won a Silver Star or other highly decorated award for gallantry in battle, they should get a credit for half the price. Purple Hearts too. Any Congressional medal of Honor...
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