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    Help! 2001 Z06

    Hi! I am a C-1 owner that might be in the market for a newer Corvette. I just looked at a 2001 ZO6 with about 26,000 miles. The car is very clean in side and out, but there seemed to be an engine knock or noise. The owner who is the second owner stated that the noise has always been there...
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    461 X Head Survey

    461 X heads survey; I have not accumulated a great deal of information, but you can view what I have collected at: http://wnyncrs.org/Fuelie%20heads%20461 and click on the 461 X Survey. IF any one has additional information and pictures about the 461 X heads, the information would be...
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    Wanted to Buy

    1958 to 1962-early Fuel Injection air cleaner with the large X ray63@rochester.rr.com
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    461X Heads ???????

    461 X Heads ????? I have been researching the use of the 461X head for the 1961 315HP engine. I would like to confirm casting dates with the end head symbols (double hump, double hump with flat tops and rectangle symbols). The dates I am interested in are form August 1960 to August 1962...
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    461X (3782461) heads needed

    Need a set of 461X heads pre-dated 1-15-1 (jan-15-61) must be Flint heads. Email ray63@rochester.rr.com Thanks Ray
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    New Project

    I haven't posted in quite awhile, I have been quite busy. My 63 SWC NCRS Top Flighted the first time out. When they handed me the blue ribbon, I passed it on with the keys to the new owner. I had just completed a trade for my next project, a 1961 Fuelie. I have been looking for a project for...
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    Selling my 1963 SWC

    I have been looking for a solid axle restoration project for over a year and I have not found the car I would like to restore. The prices for all Corvettes especially matching number cars seem to be steadily on the rise and I most likely will need to pay more than I would like. I am thinking of...
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    Corvette Restoration Web Site

    I have been playing with a new web site. The site has been designed to help identify correct parts and applications for the restorer. If you would like to check it out: http://www.rayscorvette.com/ Input about the site would be appreciated. Ray
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    1963 SWC

    I am thinking of selling or trading my restored 63 SWC. Everything on this car is matching numbers, most of the parts are original to the car and drive train is the original drive train. Many of the forum members follow the restoration of this 63 on CAC. I have a gentleman coming tomorrow...
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    1965 Coupe Purchase ??

    I looked at a 1965 Coupe today that will be sold to settle an estate. The lawyer has recommend that the car be sold through a closed bid sale. The person that bids the highest price will be the buyer. I thought it might be fun to to have the forum members provide me with what they think would...
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    Hotels around Carlisle

    I have not secured a room for Corvette Carlisle. I plan on driving the back roads (non express ways) from Western NY and would like to stay North of Carlisle. I hope to make this more of a pleasure trip (will not be shopping for the numerous restoration parts that I have done over the past five...
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    Pictures of the 1963 SWC

    Test drove the 1963 for about 10 miles today with no problems. Weather permitting hope to get a few more in tomorrow. Pictures: Ray
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    First Drive in the 1963 SWC

    Took the 63 out for a short test drive this evening after 1 1/2 years of restoration. Everything went well for the first drive, but it would not start after setting for about 1/2 hour. I believe that I burnt the points. I am using an original .3-OHM Delco resistor. I had the same problem with...
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    Lime Rock Racing

    I tried to find the earlier post in reference to the Le Man's Series racing at Lime Rock Park but could not locate the post: I purchased my tickets for the June-July race yesterday and registered my Corvette so that I may park in the corral with other Corvettes. Corral parking is limited, so...
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    Torque Rear Spring

    I just torque the rear spring on my 63 and thought I would share a picture on how I straightened out the rear spring to take the load off the differential cover to prevent broken ears. I used axle straps on the differential cross member and then a chain under the jack connected to the straps...
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    It Lives

    After a year plus of work, the 63 340HP SWC came alive this evening. Other than an exhaust leak, fuel line leak form the filter to the carburetor and it will not idle under 1500 RPMs every thing went very well. Now to figure out why it will not idle. I will try to post a few pictures with in...
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    Grades of sand paper

    Sand Paper Grades Would anyone have a copy of a grit/grade conversion chart for sand paper. USA to Europe Thanks Ray
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    Sand Paper Grades

    Would anyone have a copy of a grit/grade conversion chart for sand paper. USA to Europe Thanks Ray
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    1979 L-82 Parts

    I am an owner of a C-1 and C-2 and I am in need of advice about part houses for a 1979 L-82. A friend just called me this evening and told me he just purchased a 1979 L-82 and ask what would be the best source for reproduction parts. What is the C-3 owners vendor choice for C-3 parts? Thanks...
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    Second Time Around

    It's Painted! The 63 was re-painted today. A week of drying and it will be ready to wet sand and buff out! The intake has been repaired and re-skinned. I will post some pictures as soon as it arrives. Ray
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