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    head and carb # questions

    I took my valve cover off for restoration today and found casting # 462824, where for my 79 L-82 my research shows it should be a 462624. Anyone know what a 462824 is from? Also L-82's didn't have pushrod guideplates did they? Mine does but I know the engine has been rebuilt by the previous...
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    How to adjust for WOT?

    I stuck a brick on the accelerator pedal and my 79 is not getting WOT. I can't see a way to adjust it. Can anyone tell me how? It has the stock cable setup. Thanks Pete
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    79 jerks to right with brakes

    On the way home from the cruise in tonight, I hit the brakes as normal and the car jerked to the right. Then it goes straight. In other words as the car continues to slow down, it doesn't keep pulling to the right. Now, Ive had a groaning and/or creaking from the rear end as I went around a...
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    Pic of the project

    Since I chimed in last night to introduce myself, I thought I'd throw in a picture of the project. This was Wednesday a week ago, picking hte car up from the painter. The paint was a spider cracked as I've ever seen, so over the winter I took it down to the bare fiberglass and the painter took...
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