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    4 sale

    Have a NOAH car cover 97-04 used maybe 1 time 1/2 price 75.00, 3 Book GM repair manuals 50.00. You pay postage.
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    Air cleaner box

    Hi I am having a problem with the Air Cleaner box staying latched, never both latches at one time but one or the other is unlatched. I use AC Delco filter. I know I can screw them down but that is not right. Any ideas out there? Thanks in advance Mike
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    parking lot

    Hello All Well finally happened. After 8 yrs of carefully parking the car, some guy in a pick-up backed up and over the hood about 2 feet,then he drove forward tearing off the right side headlight cover and the headlight and tweaking the front facia. My question is. What could have happened to...
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