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    Help! Engine mount frame bolt

    Hi folks - changing out my motor mounts. The new mounts are not as wide as the ones I removed. Does anyone have the bolt size for the motor mount to frame bolt? First time I've done these and I've already got the driver side out and the new one in. However, I need to get the proper bolt as...
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    Help! Power steering conversion - power steering pump

    Hi folks - not sure if anyone here has done a power steering conversion with a kit....but I did buy a kit and low and behold the power steering pump doesn't clear the frame with the pulley on. The pulley hits the frame and I can't possibly line up the bolts. This isn't an original engine - it...
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    Ball joint dust boot covers

    Hello - I am in the process of rebuilding the front end on my '65. I bought a nice kit from zip. However, the ball joints in the upper arms already have to boot covers installed. The boot cover does not fit thought the arm and therefore has to be removed and re-installed once in place...
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    Control arms

    Hello - ordered a new set of upper control arms. On one arm I cannot turn the shaft by hand -I can move it if I put a screw driver in the mounting holes but its tough. The other moves freely - I'm guessing its not straight, which is why I'm replacing them to begin with. Should it move freely...
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    Power steering install - interesting find

    So, I decided to put power steering in my 65. Bought the conversion kit and once you get it apart, you decide to redo everything in the front since you have it apart! :) Little project becomes a bigger project. Anyway, the ball joints are riveted! So, could these really be the original...
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    Getting closer....to spring!

    Can't wait to get the '65 out of storage. Beautiful day in Vermont 40-50 degrees. Still another month or so but it's coming!
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    Timing - 40 degrees

    Howdy - I found top dead center and confirmed that the indicator was dead on. The car runs best at 40 degree after TDC. Seems excessive - I don't know why it would want it to run at that degree. The engine is a 327 (non-original) that apparently has had a CAM upgrade - what is in there I...
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    Turning 327 by hand

    Hi Folks - I'm attempting to find TDC on #1 and need to crank the engine by hand. Took out all spark plugs, removed fan and....my 80 has a bold in the dampener that I can turn with a socket. No such bold on my 65. It does have smaller bolds holding on the belt pully but I don't feel good...
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    Fuel line size

    Hello - I need to custom bend some fuel line for my '80 with a 350sb. Does anyone know the stock size from the fuel pump to the carb line? Is it 3/8" OD or 5/16th OD? Thanks!
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    BarryK - I think I have your 2004 issue!

    Hey Guys - my 65 is causing me some concern and its now off the road until its resolved. While searching I found BarryK's post: http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=51999 Describes my problem pretty accurately and better than I could have :) Barry - can you...
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    Brakes - rebuild or order rebuilt

    Hello - I had a leaking caliper on the front driver side. Attached is an image of the caliper - are these SS lined? Someone posted if its not rusted its SS. It does show some blemishes but I'm thinking the prior owner aready swapped out for SS sleeves. What do you think? Doing the math -...
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    stage 8 header bolts - too soft?

    Got the ceramic headers in - no problem. I figured tightening the bolts would the fun part with my stage 8 bolts and the 3/16" allen wrench socket cavity. Well I was attempting to torque the bolts to 30 lb and the allen wrench started turning in the header bolt. At first I thought - POS...
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    Header Help

    I'm putting a set of cermaic hooker headers onto the vet (1980 L48). Found plenty of help here on how to do it, however, I'm stuck on what comes after they are on...how do I hook it up to the current exhaust system? The headers end with a 3 bolt flange. Do I have to buy "Collector Extender...
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    1965 Brake upgrade

    Hello - I've decided its time to make the car a bit safer and convert from a single master cylinder to a dual. Car is a 1965 with Disc Brakes, no power steering, no power brakes. I struggled with what to do such as adding power brakes, just replacing the Master Cylinder or going with...
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    65 Conver electrical issue

    Hi all - I have 1 amp drain on the battery which equals dead battery in a couple days. I've read the threads regarding electical issues (very helpful) but haven't quite got it nailed. With all fuses removed, I still have the load, which tells me its not a fused circuit. If I remove the left...
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    Advice on Distributor Tach Drive

    Hello - the points in my distributor are shot. The current distributor does not have a tach drive so my mechanical tach is disconnected. It also has a vacuum advance. I am either going to covert the existing distributor with the pertronix conversion kit($80.00) and forgo the tach a while...
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    Me and my '65

    I searched for a long while before buying my C2 a little while ago. I asked a few questions here and got some solid advice which was both helpful and appreciated. I had no idea that my C2 would get sooo much attention. Hey, I knew I had a love for em but didn't realize driving one was close...
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    Spark plug change bring all sorts of questions!

    Hi all - I'm ready to do my first tune up on my '65. Easier said than done! I'm still learning this car as I've only had it for a two months. It has a 327 in it, although to be honest, I have no way of knowing for sure. I know its not the original engine so I can't check the VIN/block etc...
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    I hate to ask this but where is the emergency brake in a 65?

    Seems like it should be obvious but I can't find a release or pull - nothing, not even a hole. I do see the steel cables underneath - looks in great shape (new). Am I missing the boat on this? I figure its probably a pretty good thing to have! I hope I'm not going to be embarrassed by...
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    Fair value of C2s?

    Hi - as I continue my search for my C2 I see prices vary siginficantly from car to car so there is no magic price number. Are there any resources that someone can recommend that provides average pricing for say NOM C2's. I guess I'm trying to ensure I don't pay too much for a car. The...
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