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    dana 44/3.45 r/p f/s

    have for sale dana44 case[no rear cover] with 3.45 ring and pinion also has side yokes, very good shape no cracks or repairs spins freely. 1000+shipping getting harder to find so this would be a good spare
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    ac/heater control f/s

    have f/s 90/92 ac/heater controller for a convertible only [has the heated mirror button] these are hard to find so if you have a vert this would make a great spare ecklers, corvette central 350.00 will take 180 shipped this one is in great shape nothing broken pm me if interested geo.
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    2 ring/pinion sets f/s

    have f/s new richmond 3.75 ring/pinion for a d44 .this will work on a series 3 carrier if you have 3.07 r/p or higher these will fit. summit 349.95 200+shipping any ? pm or email ps also 3.07 r/p 100+shipping
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    abs unit/frx3 actuators f/s

    have f/s complete abs unit with module /wiring harness for 86/91 corvette 115+shipping also have fx3 shock actuators 2frt/2rear for 89/95 maybe 96 corvette 415 shipped all parts are in great shape hell of a deal on acts sell new for 300 each pm or email if interested
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    92/95 fx3 shock f/s

    anyone need almost new fx3 front shock for 92/95 corvette bought one for my 90 and its for 92/95 110 shipped gear is in excellent shape
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    3.07 rear

    have for sale complete 3.07 ring/pinion positraction unit and inner axles for a dana 36 carrier. came out of 94 corvette 70000 miles good shape no chips or nicks anywhere as pics show you will have to remove old bearings if you need 3.07 this would be a nice setup as everything will mate up...
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    86/91 alternator

    have new one for sale 86/91 corvette 105 amps SOLDgeogolf@windstream.net
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    holley throttle body f/s

    have a holley 52mm tb model#112-508 for sale, it is in very good cond it fits 94/97f body cars trans-am camaro,impala-ss prob. work on 92/96 corvettes also with some linkage adj. i bought it for my 90 corvette, but i would have to change linkage for it to work and i dont want to take a chance...
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    couple of vette parts f/s

    have rear fx3 shock actuator part delco 22114337 good shape will work on 89/95 rear only fx3 150 shipped email for pics thanks geo. geogolf@windstream.net
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    90 polo green/saddle int vette f/s

    selling my 90 vette a4 124 thousand miles has chrome zr1 rims 9.5frt/11rear new tires/stereo/sport seats that work /3.54 strange gears no whine at all, borlas mufflers plus more if interested email me for pics i live in pa.or call 814/849/3364 9,000
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    1990 tan seats for sale

    have for sale driver/pass. side tan leather seats with or without buckets they fit in pass 7/10 driver 5/10 one bad bolster would have to be repaired pm or email me for [pics or info 200+shipping geogolf@earthlink.net
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    for sale 3.07 gm gears 90 vette a4 dana 36

    anyone need set of 3.07 gm gears pm or email for pics 100+shipping thanks geo.
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    how to recalibrate speedo after gear swap

    does anyone know what I have to do to recailbrate my mph after i changed from 3.07 to 3.54 gears car is 1990 A4 corvette any help is greatly appr. geo
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    just ordered my 3.54 gears for my 90A4 have 3.07 now. can you guys that have done swap answer ? am I in for a big suprise or not, thanks geo
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    wtb gears

    anyone have a set of dana 36 3.54 gears, if you want to sell them please email me with price shipped to 15825 would consider 3.73 as second choice thanks geo. geogolf@earthlink.net
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    1990 tan seats for sale

    i have for sale driver/pass. tan seats from my 90 vette. they will come with base attached, the driver side bolster is shot, it would have to be repaired for seats to look good not great, I would rate as followed pass. side 7/10 driver side bottom cushion 8/10 back 4/10 no rips or tears except...
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    wtb sport seat wiring plug or harness

    does anyone have the plug or harness, to change from standard seats to sport seatson a 1990 corvette so the lumbar and bolsters will work it looks to be a 2 prong plug please email me if you have one thanks geo. geogolf@earthlink.net
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    no plug for sport seats

    hey guys has anyone changed from reg seats to sport seats. I just got mine today there is a 2 prong plug in sport seats but there is no plug under carpet to plug into gmjunkie thought there was, but I tore carpet up and no plug so does anyone know how to wire seats up would it be just a hot and...
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    what engine to buy

    I am going to buy a new or rebuilt 350 sbc for my 1990 corvette. could you guys tell me what would work best, or where to buy would like to have 325/350 hp and keep tpi system thanks in advance geo
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    ? about paint

    hey guys is there any kind of car paint or clear coat that has a bounce like quailty, that would help keep rock chips from happening. I am going to paint hood and front bumper in spring/07 any help is appr. geo
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