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    hard start and surge after fillup

    whenever I fill up the car won't start and after a few tries with partial throttle it starts but runs rough and surges. Otherwise runs great. If I take the gas cap off it doesn't do it unless I fillup.. could it possibly have something to do with the ethenol that is now in our gas? 1991 L-89
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    Question: bracing c-4 frame

    the chassis on my 91 coupe is too flexible with the top off. I was wondering if anyone has used the convertible bracing and if so does it bolt up with out modification to the frame or the brace..i love to drive this car without the targa top but get way too much chassis flex..
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    my 91 with 17k miles has an anying rattle that seems to be coming from under the mid section of the car. the u joints are all tight, the exhaust is tight,i removed the spare tire and all that could possibly cause a rattle. the shocks have been changed, nothing seems to be loose under the car. i...
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    keyless remote for 91

    I'd like to install a keyless remote on my 91. Will it effect the function of the alarm?
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    gas tank pressure?

    when I open the gas cap to refuel I get a pressure release sound from the tank.. Is this normal and if not what seems to be the cause . other wise the car runs perfect. It has only 16k miles . thank you..
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    My 91 coupe with 13k miles has a ratle that i can't locate somewhere in the underbody. I've checked for a loose exhaut, heat shields,replaced the shocks, checked the u joints ,dropped the spare tire and jack ,emptied all the storage comp and bins,It doest seem to be speed sensitive. It seems to...
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    91 coupe ,15K miles, NCRS

    1991 coupe 15thousand miles,ncrs top flight 98.8 points. all docs since new ,brillient red code 75.with congnac leather interior.chrome wheels with new perrelli p zero tires.Auto, bose gold series with cd player ,auto air,power seats,2 tops ( clear and painted) new cond. in and out. clear title...
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    Redyed leather seat bolster

    My seat is scratched at the bolsters..Has anyone redyed these scratches?? my 91 interior is perfect except for these scratches..My car has only 10K miles..
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    day time running lights for 91

    daytime running lights were standard issue on canadian cars on the 91.. does anyone know how to retofit them to an american model? and part ##
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    1977 corvette for sale $13500

    77 vette .auto,air,cruise,t-top rack and carrier. fact. aluminium wheels everything works right down to the clock..i've owned the car for10 years is in excelent condition..it's my florida winter car..never seen snow,,rust free car..new interior,brakes,complete suspension including springs front...
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