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    lost key

    My friend has a 90 vette, and lost his keys. The locklsmith wants $400. to make a key with vats, another told him to get a new ign switch. The dealer doesn't seem to be able to help, any ideas, thanks Jim.
  2. J

    FS fsm/87- console lid

    I have a 2 volume field service manuals for an 87. Used but in good cond. $55.00 shipped, also a blk console lid fair to good cond $30.00 shipped. . will take check or money order. jimde@comcast.net
  3. J


    need new pads, and rotors on the rear . What would you recommend, and where to buy, thanks Jim.
  4. J

    87 interior

    I have a saddle int,. and want to change to the later C4 saddle , its darker. Will the 88/89 carpet, and door panels fit my 87, thanks Jim.
  5. J


    I need the lens , that covers the turn signal/high beams, its green on the signals, and blue on the hi beam. Its about 3" long. Don't ask how I lost it, thanks Jim.
  6. J

    digital dash

    I have the plastic speedo/tach surround off, for painting. I have an occasional problem with the oil pressure gauge. It sometimes shows half the number. Since I'm there , I thought I'd clean the contacts. I can't fiqure out how it comes out. I see 2 screws on the top, is this the only thing...
  7. J

    Ram Jet

    Will the 350 ram jet engine fit under the hood of an 87. How about just the ram injection, thanks Jim.
  8. J

    87/air cond bracket

    Does anyone sell a steel air cond bracket. I cracked mine installing the compressor, these things are white metal(junk). I want steel, if I can get it, thanks Jim.
  9. J

    air cond /charge

    What electrical connector do you jump to bring compressor on when charging, thnaks Jim.
  10. J

    87/seat belt

    How do you take off the bottom cover for the seat belt. Does anyone redye these, thanks Jim.
  11. J

    WTB 87 air cond hoses

    Need the hoses taht go to the compressor, thanks Jim.
  12. J

    87 coolant sensor

    I need a new coolant sensorin the head type , mine has the single blade, They are expensive, is there another that I can use. Maybe changing the connector, thanks Jim.
  13. J

    AC Comp

    My ac comp went south. The difference between reman, and new is $60.. They both come with a 1 year warranty. Should I go for the new, thanks Jim.
  14. J

    WTD, 87 air cond comp.

    Title says it all , no oil slingers, or leakers, thanks Jim.
  15. J

    leather dye

    I'm dying my seats, is a solvent based dye, better then a water based, thanks Jim.
  16. J

    top plenum/tpi

    Whats involved in removing the top plenum on my 87. I"m going to replace the injectors, thanks Jim.
  17. J

    muffler eliminators

    I have an 87 vert, and was thinking about eliminators. Is there any resonance inside the car, can you pass inspection . Best place to buy, thanks Jim.
  18. J

    e brake handle/seat track

    I have a power seat trackfrom an 86(square connector), and a e brake handle from an 89 (plastic handle. Either one $25.00, plus shipping. jimde@comcast.net
  19. J

    87 seat removal

    How do I remove the seat backs on my 87, got the bottoms out,but can't see how the backs come out, thanks Jim.
  20. J

    87 heads

    What heads can I use on my 87, I need valve seals , but decided to change the heads . I just want stock heads , something that is resonably priced, Can I use vortech heads, any recommendations, thanks Jim.
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