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    Clicking coming from distributor

    So last night I went out into the dark garage started the engine and immediately saw the arching from the number 5 plug wire which had come off the spark plug. Problem solved. Thanks again guys.
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    Clicking coming from distributor

    Thanks for the suggestion.
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    Clicking coming from distributor

    Thanks Tom for the excellent suggestions.
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    Clicking coming from distributor

    The other day I noticed a "clicking" sound almost like arcing coming from the distributor. The engine is running fine. The cap and rotor are less than a year old but I replaced the rotor anyway. Any ideas?
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    Help! 1980 Horn issue

    Hello. I have been having problems with my horn working. I decided to investigate and found that the plastic sleeve in the hub that houses the spring is cracked and won't allow the contact to seat properly. Does anyone know if that plastic sleeve can be replaced or do I have to get a whole new...
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    Automatic transmission question

    I have a 1980 Corvette with an automatic tranmission. Recently the exhaust donut on the righ side disintgrated. I also had a problem with my transmission where it was up shifting through the gears very quickly. It was in third gear before I reached 20 miles per hour. It got to the point...
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    Valve covers tall vs short.

    Just purchased a set of yellow Proform valve covers for my yellow Vette. The new covers are tall. Is there any problem with replacing my current valve covers with tall covers? Is there any benefit? Thanks.
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    Help! Automatic transmission engaging problem

    I have an issue with my 1980 Corvette shifter not always engaging when I shift into drive. I have to take it out of drive and then shift it again. I had the transmission tuned and the shop couldn't find anything wrong. Any ideas?
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    1979-80 Corvette

    I believe I have asked this question before but it's been awhile so I'll ask again. I have a 1980 Corvette with a 1979 front clip. Does anyone know if Chevy ever built any Corvettes like this? I have tried numerous times to trace previous owners but have not had any luck. Thanks.
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    Help! Assembling horn button on a 1980 Corvette.

    Hello. Last Sunday while I was driving along my horn button dropped off into my lap after hitting a bump in the road. After looking at it I could see that someone had kind of pieced it together. I purchased a new horn button kit which arrived today. In trying to assemble it I was confused...
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    Help! 1979-80 Corvette

    Does anyone know of any way to trace the history of a 1980 Corvette VIN? I was at a car show last month when a guy came up to me and asked when I had changed the front clip of my 1980 Corvette. Seems somewhere down the line someone had changed the front clip to that of one from 1979. I...
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    Automatic transmission engaging problem

    I have a problem with my 1980 Corvette transmission/shifter not always engaging when I shift into forward. I have to take it out of forward and then shift it again. Any ideas? I had the transmission tuned and the shop could not find anything wrong.
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    Question: 1980 Corvette spare tire.

    I purchased a 1980 Corvette last summer (2015). It does not have a spare tire. From my research I have found the original was a P195/80D15 which is impossible to locate. Any suggestions as to what I can use as a replacement for the upcoming summer?
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    Front park/turn signal problem

    I have a problem where my right front park/turn signal is not working properly. The turn signal blinks but very faintly. The parking light does not come on at all when the headlights are on. I have tried to find a replacement socket and pigtail but haven't had any luck. I can find the socket...
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    Question: Corvette seats

    I am looking to replace the seats (there's a suprise) in my 1980 Corvette. I have been researching mounted seat covers and think that might be the way to go. I have a few questions. 1. I have 2' bolsters now. Will a 4" work in the existing seats? 2. Are the mounted seat covers a good choice...
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    Help! 1980 Corvette Transmssion and other problems

    I recently purchased what was described as a "mechanically sound" 1980 Corvette. I have discovered some problems. First of all when the engine is at normal operating temperature and I either place the transmission in park or reverse and attempt to shift back into "3" the transmission doesn't...
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