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    1988 Vette, Code 44 Lean Exhaust problem

    Hi Guys, I have a code 44 (Lean Exhaust) issue on my 1988 Vette. The car is completely stock with 47k miles on the odometer. Approx 2 years ago I installed new intake manifolds gaskets due to a coolant leak on the LH side, all intake/plenum runners, throttle body etc gaskets were...
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    Bunch of questions about my 1988 Vette

    Hi Guys, Couple of questions. 1. Is there an easier/better way to jack up the front on a 1988 Corvette? I know there’s jacking points on the sides, but to be honest I don’t like the idea of using those locations to jack the car up one side at a time, it doesn’t seem like a good idea...
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    Spare key for 88 Vette

    How do I get another key for my 1988 Vette? I don't have a spare as it only came with 1 ignition key, naturally I'm worried that I might lose or misplace it. Being that this is the first year with the VATS resistor pellet in the key, does this make it more of a problem to get a replacement key...
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    New member, first time Corvette owner

    Hi Guys, Been lurking for a while now on this great forum, doing a lot of reading and researching here before I bought my first C4 Corvette. I'm located in Australia and have been into 2nd gen Pontiac Firebird's since 1988, I own a 1971 Firebird, a 1977 Special Edition Trans Am and now the...
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