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    LT4 LT4 upgrade kit

    Anybody know how much the LT4 upgrade kit is? went to GM performance parts site and couldn't find anything.
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    Z3 vs C5

    Hey guy's I've got this idoit at work that has a 02 Z3. He's like the Z3 is this and that blah.blah.This is the same guy who bought a VW bettle and tried to mod it:L.This guy is a piece of work,He lives and breaths Road&track/Car and driver.He told me the other day that his Z3 was on par with a...
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    The S.O.T.P feel!!!

    Hey guys will a good cat back system give me that feeling.Can you tell the difference,on a LT1.
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    For all your HP goodies!!!

    Go to exotic muscles web site they have all the hard to find 4th gen goods.Shift kits,headers,pipes,msd,top end builds that will put you at 415.trannys,gears,breaks,383 sub kits.TPI runners,x pipes the works!!! No I don't work for EM but,prices are fair,not steals but fair. Their whole division...
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    B&B owners step in!!!!

    Anybody got the b&b 3" system? What can i expect from the system? any details. A sound clip at idle/a lil rev would be great.I looking for that deep dark sound. Looked at the corsa but dont like the looks of them. The B&B tips are awsome. Gonna run LT and highflows later with the B&B.:w
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    wanted ZR1 sawblades

    Looking to buy ZR1 sawblades. looking for chrome but machine finish is fine.I can have them chromed. will trade LT1 sawblades and cash or buy outright. Good tires will yeild a premium!!!
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    need chrome ZR1 sawblades!!!

    Hey guys need chrome ZR1 sawblades. kinda hard to find but someone in the country has to have some. will trade LT1 sawblades plus cash or buy outright good tires will yeild a premium!!!
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    396 BLOWN STROKER!!!!

    Sup CAC folks I finally figured out the route I'm gonna take. Gonna go with the LT1 stroker.All bottom end fordged stroked to 396ci with the carroll stage 4,with alky injection.custom grinded cam,heads,3 angle valve job the works.EM longtubes,B&B 3'' system.Gonna half to beef up the rearend so...
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    How are they doin it?

    Have you guys been to the F body sights? Those guys are making a ton of power with jus heads/cam.I'm seeing 380+ whats their secret?,and thats wit the LT1's and the LS1 are even greater!!!
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    Its not possible!!! He's full of BS!!!

    Guy's I was talking to this so called grgu and he was telling me that he can make a set of LT4 heads flow 360 cfm's.I call BS Its not gonna hapen the most I've ever heard is 310 or so. Has any body ever heard of the 360? or is he full of it.
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    373's in a dana 36 how long?

    Hey guy's at the strip this weekend, and a club member and friend of mine has 373's in his rear end. His car came wit the 307's,but mine has the crappy 259's I jumped him out the chute but by the 660ft he pulled buy me and hard.:cry we dynoed back in Feb and my car pulled a 278/312 to his...
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    We need more help!!!!

    Hey guy's who else thinks the C-4 gen needs more after market help? Just got out of the C-6/Z06 section,and Chevy already has 3 types of cams offered for the LS7.GM hotcams stages 1-3. In 2 or 3 years its gonna be :W
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    Air foil

    Just what the title says. Go!!!
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    Fuel filter

    Jus wondered I've put about 20k on Paula and havent changed the filter.The hit the throttle and leaving two perfect 20 footers is gone can the filter be the problem,I know my throttle body needs a good cleaning just hit 73k this weekend, on the way back from Charlotte
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    What CAI are you guy's running

    Hey guy's what kind of intake are you all running? Its a couple to choose from just wondered.I run the SLP Tri claw.A guy on the forum tested 3 types and the Tri claw neted a avg of 8hp over the others. 1 Slp tri claw 2 cut lid K&N 3 stock wit K&N
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    Have you guy's seen the 3rd brake light?

    Just what it says.A few years back I remember the third brake light on a C-4 that lit up the word Corvette has any one else seen this,and if so where can I get the lite kit?:w
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    why spend building,when you can just by a stronger vette?

    Hey guy's all the money spent on superchargers/383 builds and other things to make our cars faster why not jus buy a stronger vette?
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    Hey guys I've been in the game about 2yrs and i've never heard of a supercharged/turbo LT5/ZR1.Just wondered if anybody has done it.Just wondered the # for the 405's wit say 12psi would look like at the dyno/strip.
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