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    bright lights!

    I have a 1993 vert and the bright lights are stuck on. When I try to swich to low beams nothing happens-bright lights stay on. Has anyone encountered this problem or know how to fix it? Do I need to pull the steering wheel ?
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    Just bought a cold air induction system for my 93 LT-1 and it tells me to remove the A.I.R, Pump supply hose from the airbox and extend the factory A.I.R. pump supply hose so it reaches the stub on the new induction tubes. Does anybody know where this Airbox/Hose is located? Cant seem to find it!
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    Bright lights

    My bright lights are stuck on , on my 93 vert. I pull the lever but nothing happens , no click or nothing. Anybody had this problem or know how to repair it?
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    flush cooling system?

    Anyone know of a easy way to flush the cooling system in a 93 LT-1. Coolant is brown in color-think its time. Have been told this should be done once a year? What would be a good coolant to use? Any suggestions/tips would be appreciated!
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    In Production!

    Ive been informed that Advanced Auto currently has a bolt-on x-pipe in production for LT-1 and LT-4s . They tell me they should be ready for shipment in early Feb. Should sell for around $125. I told them to keep me informed as I would definately want one!
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    Resonator replacement

    Im looking for a x-pipe to replace my resonator on my 93 LT-1 . Anybody have any suggestions?
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    Does anyone know where I could get a Helms service manual for a C-4? Tried E-Bay but no luck. About how much should I be ready to pay for one?
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    Check what code?

    Could someone explain to me what is meant by checking the codes on a corvette? Im new to the corvette world and would like to understand. How many others out there dont understand this. Is it something that comes up on the dash or do you need to plug something in to read these codes? How do you...
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    bilsteins forever?

    Does anyone know or have a opinion on how long a set of bilstens should be expected to last ? I have purchased a 93 vert and was going to replace the shocks with a set of bilsteins. But upon closer inspection found that it already had a set on. They are very dirty and grimy and look as though...
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    stripped threads

    I have a 93 vert and am in the process of installing a new exhaust system. In the process I needed to remove the cross brace on the bottom. In doing so I noticed that it must have been removed before. Three of the bolts were missing and upon closer inspection I noticed these holes were...
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    Any opinions on the kwik-lift for a corvette? Would love to hear Opinions/stories on the lift-good or bad-seriously thinking of getting one-anyone have theirs delivered to their house?-how,d it go ? Thanx for any help!
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    Home-made lift?

    Just a thought-Has anyone thought of or know of anybody that has tried making there own sort of lift by using some plank and block? I know it sounds kind of scary but thought it would be a cheap way to get a little room to work underneath. Not real high-maybe 12 inches or so. I guess it would be...
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    Resonator ripped

    I have a 93 LT-1 vert and a previous owner ripped a hole in the resonator. Was looking to install a new stainless system this winter while layed-up. Was thinking of going with Magnaflow but they dont seem to have a cats back system and didnt want to go with new mufflers and leave the damaged...
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    Harness Bars

    Anyone familiar with the Harness Bars sold by Ecklers - Thinking of possibly getting a set for my 93 vert-just for the looks-trying to find a set of hoop roll bars but having no luck-these are as close as I have found-realize their not roll bars but was only thinking of the looks-says that...
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    Magnaflow cats back

    Does Magnaflow sell a system for a 93 LT-1 Vert from the cats back? Was thinking of installing a Magnaflow system but need one from the cats back as a previous owner seemed to have a clearance problem and ripped a gash in the front section ( between the cats and the mufflers, not the pipes-not...
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    Brake job help

    I am planning on doing the brakes ( replacing the rotors and pads ) on my 93 vert this summer. I have done brake jobs on many other cars but never on a vette. I dont want to spend major bucks on the job but want a quality job. Would appreciate any tips or recomendations on this. What rotors are...
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    Masked vette

    Have been thinking of purchasing a mask for the nose of my 93 vert to protect from chips and whatever. The guy I bought the car from told me that it did have one but he took it off and threw it away because it caused more harm than good. Anyone have any experiences or thoughts on this subject?
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    40th Anniversary True 40th anniversary edition?

    Does a 93 Vette have to be the Ruby Red color to be considered a true 40th anniversary edition? Did the 40th anniversary edition come in a convertible? I have a 1993 Corvette convertible which I purchased About 6 months ago. It is triple black with a black interior. It has all the 40th...
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    40th Anniversary Not Ruby Red !

    I recently purchased a 1993 convertible Vette. Was sold as a 40th anniversary edition. But car is triple black with a black interior. Does this still classify as a true 40th anniversary edition?
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    chrome roll bars for c-4 convertable

    Anyone know where I can find a set of chrome bolt-in roll bars for my 93 conv. Looking for a set for just behind the seats-just for looks (loop type). Have seen them on later model vettes but not on C-4s. Vette is all black (in and out)-I think it would look sharp!
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