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    QTP C5 Stainless Long Tube Headers/CATS/X-Pipe

    Quick Time Performance made the only stainless steel Tri-Y header design that has ever been available for the C5 Corvette. The tubes on these headers have a very heavy wall thickness compared to other brands that I have seen personally and the headers mate to stainless steel Random Tech metal...
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    Cold start-high RPM-ported TB

    Recently installed a ported TB. Car starts and runs very good, but when cold it starts at 2,300 RPM and then drops back. The throttle blade seems to be open more than the stock unit I took off. Is there an adjustment for initial blade position on the Corvette TB since the motor controls idle and...
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    Piston slap, maybe not!!!

    Terry Dyson, an oil analyst, is trying to figure out what is causing our engine noises upon cold start. Very interesting reading at the link below. One theory being investigated is oil pump cavitation on cold start, very interesting theory to say the least since my car makes noise, but I never...
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    TSB #02-06-01-038 "Engine Knock of Lifter Noise" - Who has had it?

    I have a tick in the motor since returning from Bowling Green that only happens on start up and lasts for about 30 seconds. :cry It doesn't sound like piston slap, but rather a lifter. Has anyone had the cut o-ring called out in the above TSB and if so, what were the symptoms? TIA
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    2001-2003: Service Bulletin: Engine Knock or Lifter Noise

    Quick question to those who have had this problem. How loud is the ticking noise? Is it like a callapsed lifter and very audible or is it very faint? Any other symptoms like low oil pressure or anything? Thanks
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    Powder coating calipers - Magnetic Red

    Has anyone painted or powder coated their calipers with Mag Red or something close. Looking for information to do the same.
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