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    C7 Grand Sport heritage fender hash stripes

    When I ordered my 2017 GS, I opted for the heritage fender hash stripes. Now, I want to change to stripes of a different color. Does anyone know if GM will sell these stripes? I tried a third party, but their stripes (dimensions) weren't even close to the original OEM stripes. Thanks for any...
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    Infotainment Screen is Broken

    I had read several similar problems back in 2014, and I thought GM had resolved this issue--until today. So I thought I'd throw this out there. I bought my 2017 GS last September and have racked up 6000 miles. Today, all of a sudden, the infotainment system started acting up. During the...
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    Does anyone know?*

    I want to remove the front license plate mount from my C7. After removing the license plate, I removed the two large plastic screws from the mount. But, without risk of breaking the plastic grill, I cannot figure out how to remove the mount as it is still stuck to the grill. I've searched all...
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    Aggressive tailgating

    I'm wondering if other Corvette drivers have been on the receiving end of aggressive tailgating. Just wondering of it's a common occurrence with Corvettes. Since I bought my first Corvette three months ago, three cars (supercharged Cadillac, POS Toyota Corolla and some POS SUV) have gotten too...
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    2017 Grand Sport is solid

    Well, I've had my 2017 Grand Sport for about two months now, I just love driving this car. The handling is perfect. I've racked up 2,100 miles already. The car gets lots of stares and thumbs up. Seeing a Corvette here in Hawaii is pretty rare. I usually see 0-5 Corvettes in any given month...
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    Electrical problem

    I thought I would pass this on to C7 owners in case this happens to your car. Within a few days after taking delivery of my 2017 Grand Sport, the left-front turn signal stopped working. I took it back to the dealer. I was told that the entire turn signal/headlight assembly needed to be...
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