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    WTB C7 Z06, manual, 2 or 3LZ, Laguna Blue Only

    As the title says, I'm looking for a manual, Laguna Blue Z06. Carbon Fiber package, sport seats, cf ground effects, Z07 if possible but not required. Want back into a Vette. It's been too long. Sal a.salvatore@comcast.net. Thank you for the ad.
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    For Sale FS 2015 Z06 1100 RWHP Vengeance Racing SEMA Display Vehicle 4800 miles

    Helping a buddy sell his car. 2015 1100 RWHP Z06 4800 miles Chevrolet Corvette 2LZ | eBay or call 678-513-7105 ask for Ron Modifications Include: Vengeance Racing STAGE 3 C7 Z06 Performance Package- $12,599.99 *Halltech CARBON FIBER Cold Air Induction *Vengeance Racing 2.38" Upper...
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    Help Identifying This Trailer Hitch

    I've had this trailer hitch for many years and pulled it out to sell but don't know if it's from A C2 or C3 since I have several of each. It is stamped 'COR 3' and made by Drawtite. Any hitch experts out there? Thanks in advance.
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    Help Identifying C2 Rocker Panels

    I have 2 sets of rocker panels that I want to sell but don't know the years. One set has 8 black groves with a rounded top and the other has 7 flat groves with more of an ornate top. I'm pretty sure the 8 groves are from my most recent 63 but not sure. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Sal
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    Hood pans 1963 and Door panels 63/64

    Selling a set of 63 hood pans in good condition. As you can see one tab is broken. $300 shipped (US) or best offer. 63/64 Door panels w/o upper metal support Bought from Corvette America $150 shipped (US) or best offer Thanks. Sal a.salvatore@comcast.net 865-250-3563
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    63 Gauges

    I have several 63 gauges for sale. Some restored and some are not. I also have a fully restored cluster with the high rpm tach and 80# oil pressure gauge. These were all restored in 2004 by Roger at Corvette Instrument Service. The cluster was in my car for 800 miles before I changed the car to...
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    Differential Gear Ratio Help Needed

    I'm selling my spare differential and need help figuring the gear ratio. The ring gear is stamped "3733908 9:?7". Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
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    63 Differential For Sale

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    327 Motor For Sale

    For sale is my 327 small block, GM 3782870, date stamped F 62, other stamps FO 622 RD, 935, H-6, 870. Motor bored 10 thousandths over, steel crank needs .0010 turn. TRW 10:1 pistons. Includes 3917291 double hump heads dated J 23 7 (1967). I'm asking $1,200 for motor but I'm negotiable. I...
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    63 Borg Warner T-10

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    Help Needed Decoding Engine Numbers

    I have a complete 327 that I removed from my 63 when I installed a 383 stroker. I need help determining what I have and it's value. The rear of the motor has '935' 'H-6' 870. The top says 'GM 3782870' 'F 62'. The stamp says 'FO 622 RD' and '311848'. The heads are double hump '3917231' 'J23...
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    For Sale FS 1963 Roadster Resto-Mod

    ****sold**** The car Sold unfortunately.:happyanim: A gentleman from Australia came in and purchased it minus all the original parts which I will be putting up for sale soon. I have motor, transmission, rear diff., drum brake trailing arms, front drum brakes and a set of original gauges. The...
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    For Sale FS 1963 Roadster Resto-Mod

    Thank you my friend. I will miss all the wonderful people here (if I sell). Never a better group of great people.
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    For Sale FS 1963 Roadster Resto-Mod

    I hate to part with it but things change. Thanks for posting the photo. Best regards, Sal
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    For Sale FS 1963 Roadster Resto-Mod

    FOR SALE 1963 Corvette Roadster $49,999 Body off restoration 2005-2007 (Paint, frame, all mechanicals, interior, etc.) Frame and suspension powder coated 383 Stroker by Top Gun Racing Engines Edelbrock Performer RPM intake w/ Enduroshine finish Holley ‘Street Avenger’ 650 double pumper Tremac...
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    Fuel tank sender resistance needed

    Help needed- Fuel tank sender resistance needed I blew my aftermarket fuel gauge and am going to replace it but need to know the OHM load from the fuel tank sending unit. Does anyone know that little tidbit of information??? Thanks in advance. Sal
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    Shock Reccomendations C2

    I need new shocks on my 63. I've tried AC Delco's, KYB's (currently on and blown). I'd like something heavy duty/ high performance. The only other choices that I found were KYB Gas adjustable and Bilstein's. Any opinions and feedback would be appreciated. My rear spring is a 330# and the front...
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    Grand Sport Clutch Master Cylinder

    Can someone tell me how to remove the clutch master cylinder? I'm working on a 2010 Grand Sport. Thanks
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    Shock reccomendations for 63

    My 63 has a 360# composite spring and the car bounces like crazy. I've tried a few different brands of shocks and none seem to help. Can anyone reccomend a good stiff shock? Also is my 320 too light? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks Sal
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