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    Got to see a real nice 90' Callaway CR1 this weekend! :)

    I saw a set of GM A-molds advertised on a Chevy truck forum, they were in NY and I am in NH... Well the wife and I were heading to her parents in CT so I decided to take the trip up to NY to buy the A-molds. Steve Davidson was selling the Amolds (His son advertised them for him), he had...
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    Anyone have any more info on totaled red/red 1990 #208?

    Anyone have any more info on red/red 1990 #208? From the ZR1.net: 6/1/01 1990 Red/Red 1G1YZ23J0L5800208 Hit a pole at about 40 mph thanks -Bill
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    78' SA project for sale in NH..

    Hi all, I just relocated to a new house, job etc and am selling my 78' SA vette project The car has original low miles 37K but you would never know it , because It sat outside for 7 years!! The car's frame was rusty, very solid not rotted. What I have done so far 1) Pulled body and stripped...
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    Is the nose/subframe on a 1993 ZR1 any different than LT1 car?

    Is the nose/subframe on a 1993 ZR1 any different than LT1 car? (there is a hit 1993 that I came across) thanks -Bill
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    87' Considering a B2K.. have some dumb questions (Newbie)..

    Hi all, I have been looking for a ZR1 and I stumbled across a 87' Callaway.. I am familiar with C4's (Used to own a 87' vert) and have been doing my homework on ZR1's, but this Callaway I came across sounds interesting.. What should I look for? What are the major problems or concerns I...
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