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    Wheel/Tire Help Needed

    I have a 1993 vert. , with 17x8.5 frt and 17x9.5 rear wheels. Tires are P255/45zr17 frt and P285/40zr17 rear. A Friend is willing to give me his '99 wheels from his previous vette. MY question is : 1. will his 18x9.5 with P275/40zr18 fit on the rear of my '93 . 2. Should I stay with the...
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    How do you install Hardtop??

    Can anyone tell me where I can get a diagram or instructions on how to install a Hardtop on the vette??? If you can help, please e-mail me at : allstarcmdr@michcom.net Thanks Guys
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    Will Hard-Top fit???

    Does anyone know if a Hard-Top from a '92 fit a '94 vette? If so , please e-mail me at: allstarcmdr@yahoo.com. Thanks
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    Top Material ??

    New to this Center... Just bought a 1987 to keep my ' 77 company in garage.. I was wondering if anyone knew what Material was standard on the Convertible?
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