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  1. Chrisr

    I'm Back!!

    Hey all !! It's been way to long since I've been here posting, but have been lurking off and on every once in awhile. Got tied up with some deaths in the family, but on a happier note, my daughter got married last year and now my wife and I find out this week we're going to be grandparents...
  2. Chrisr

    New Exhaust

    I finally did it! I had a Borla (Stingers) exhaust installed on my Vette yesterday. Now it has a great sound and no more back pressure. When you let off the gas, she just coasts along as nices can be. And the sound of it when you hit the Go Pedal......:cool
  3. Chrisr

    My New Hero!!!!

    My Corvette Club had our annual Fall show today and this gentleman showed up with his 07 Calloway!! Not your ordinary Vette pilot either. John is 98 years young!!!!! He had the best time sitting in the shade with his lawn chair and talking to everyone. He is also a member of his local volunteer...
  4. Chrisr

    OK her she is (finally!!)

    OK here she is (finally!!) Here's a pic of my new best friend!!!!
  5. Chrisr

    Possible new C6 owner??

    I may be getting ahead of myself here, but I'm in the process of trying to seal a deal on an '07 Monterey Red/Cashmere vert. The dealer and I are pretty close with the figures and my 03 as a trade, it's just a matter of tweaking him right now. Which I hope to do this afternoon. If this...
  6. Chrisr

    Git-up-n-go problem

    Well, I guess it had to happen sooner or late, my first post with a problem. Here goes. (Hope C4C5specialist is out there) Couple of weeks ago I took the pride-n-joy to the beach. About a 65 mile trip 1 way. Car ran great, air was cool, couldn't ask for a nicer night. About 3/4 of the way...
  7. Chrisr

    Fuel rail cover removal

    I would like to remove my fuel rail covers so I can clean up the engine compartment a bit better. I've heard they just snap on and off, but I know me, I'll break something. Can anyone advise me on how to remove them without breaking anything???? Thanks in advance!! Chris
  8. Chrisr

    C5 Engine cleaning

    I would like to clean the engine in my C5. It's only dusty from driving it all summer. No grease/oil stains or anything like that. I want to know if I can just take a garden hose and hose the motor off on a gentle setting?? And also, do/should I cover anything up??? Thanks, Chris
  9. Chrisr

    Message in DIC

    Last night I took the car for a nice little ride. I drove about 10-12 miles, and stopped for about 1/2 an hour. I got back in the car, started it up, drove about 500 feet and I noticed the following message in the DIC: "Active handling warming up" then about 10 seconds later, "Warmed Up"...
  10. Chrisr

    Headlamp Change

    I just installed Sylvania Sliver Star low beams in my '03 coupe. The standard bulbs just weren't cutting it for night driving. I must say, Thanks to the CAC for the forums, the search and the great people here. It made the job so darn easy!!! The only problem I had was if my hands were any...
  11. Chrisr

    C5 Polished Wheels

    Hi Guys, Quick question here. My C5 has the polished aluminum (?) wheels. What is a good product to use on them once they're clean to keep them shining???? Chris
  12. Chrisr

    Here it Is!!!!

    Hopefully I did this correctly. Here's a couple pics of the new "Pride-N-Joy"!!
  13. Chrisr

    Window question

    OK, now that I've finally got my C5, I want to make it as close to perfect as possible (Don't we all??). Here's my scenario: The passenger window has a "scratch" going from top to bottom. Most likely from the window going up and down. It' not a deep scratch at all, but bothers me none the...
  14. Chrisr

    I Did It!!!!!

    I finally did it! I am the proud new owner of an '03 Torch Red coupe. 8300 miles and everything I'd want in a vette!!!! My mind is in a whirl right now, so I really can't list all the options. However, the manual and video are still with the car. One question: I'm willing to bet the build sheet...
  15. Chrisr

    Maybe, just maybe.....

    ......There's a C5 in my very near future. I stopped at my local dealer looking at a couple of C5 verts and a Torch Red coupe caught my eye. Whose eye wouldn't Torch red catch! I went back yesterday to see it in the day light, and am really hooked on it. It has all the bells and whistles. I'm...
  16. Chrisr

    New Magazine

    I don't know if this has already been posted yet, if it has, I'm sorry. I was in my local hobby shop the other day and picked up a magazine called "Die Cast X". It's the second issue they've published. On the cover is a C6 (not sure if it's red or Daytona Orange?), Shelby Cobra and a Viper...
  17. Chrisr

    C6 Convertible Spotted

    Yep!!! Thats right. While coming home from Christmas Eve dinner in South Philadelphia with family, I was stopped at 3rd and South St. at a light. What should drive by in front of me on South St. but a brand spankin' new C6 vert!!!! I believe it was Victory Red (really not sure of the red names)...
  18. Chrisr

    Test drove an '01 C5

    Like the subject says I test drove an '01 vert yesterday. Real sweet car, perfect day for top down driving. I did have a few concerns about the car though. First, when I aplied the brakes, the car wanted to pull to the right. I take it this isn't normal??? Secondly, with only 26,000 miles on the...
  19. Chrisr

    You're never too old!!!!

    My son & I went to an all Chevy show at one of our local dealers sponsered by Classic Corvette Club in Moorestown NJ. It was pretty much dominated by 'Vettes. There was a red C6 there. After talking to a buddy that had his vette in the show, he told me a 94 year old man OWNS the C6. I thought he...
  20. Chrisr

    Which model year??

    Hi All !! Fairly new to the forum, but really enjoying it! I'm going to be in the market for a C5, preferably a convertible. My question is this: is there better model years than others in the C5 family, or are they all pretty much excellent cars?? Thanks in advance!! Chris R.
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