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  1. silver98

    Spark Plug Change out

    I'm staying at the Marriott in downtown Detroit. The hotel shares the building with the GM headquarters. On the first floor, GM always has several vehicles on display. Tonight they had an '06 Vette. I got to open the hood... that LS2, well, ALL the spark plugs are easy to get to! Unreal...
  2. silver98

    ALMS quarter panel lights question

    Ok race fans, I have followed ALMS this year, since I got my vette last October. Could anyone please explain the 3 lights on the ALMS quater panels? I believe the different classes have different colors, Green for GT1, Blue for P1, but what about the number of lights lit? Thanks folks.
  3. silver98

    Vararan B2 installed, now a question

    Anyone ho has done this install, I didn't use any of the black spacers (oops?) and the air bridge does not snap onto the black 'buttons' on the radiator support. It is too far forward and too high to engage these. What did I miss? Thanks for the help. Joe
  4. silver98

    Help! Fix for rear spoiler / wing

    Hi folks, A friend has a C-4 with the rear deck lid wing / spoiler. The bolts that hold the wing onto the deck are a bit loose. He was able to tighten the rearward bolt by accessing it through a hole on the top of the inside taillight recess. The forward bolt is casauing a bit of a problem...
  5. silver98

    New Book on C5 performance

    hey all: Corvette C5 Performance Projects (Motorbooks Workshop) (Paperback) by Richard Newton List Price:$19.95Price:$13.57 Scheduled for release by Amazon on December 18, 2005
  6. silver98

    Help building parts list

    Hi Everyone, I have a 98 coupe w/o fog lamps. I just picked up a Vararam B2. So I thought it would be nice to install fog lamps with the Vararam install. Question is what all do you think I need to do this? I know I need: Switch (inside cockpit) $45 have the lamps No brackets (how do they fit...
  7. silver98

    FREE to a good home

    Hi everyone, I lost the O and the TT from the front. I had the black polyurethane domed letters on it. I called Mid America and they were going to send me those 2 letters for free. So I ordered more stuff, you know how it goes. Anyway, they told me today they had no pieces laying around...
  8. silver98

    Performance and Reliability Tale

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to share a short tale. Yesterday I took my daughter to visit a college and then dropped my to see my son at his college. The round trip was 798 miles, I averaged 65.6 mph and using Sunoco 93 octane fuel, got 26.6 mpg. I might have been able to do better on the mpg...
  9. silver98

    What's it worth?

    Looked at a vette for my neighbor. What do you folks think: 1989, White Vert, Black interior, top perfect, back windo perfect, 62kmiles, last year had 200 miles put on it. Tires have plenty of tread, automatic trans. Paint looks decent, leather is worn, no tears or cracks. Wood panels look a...
  10. silver98

    Road Course Racing - Help

    Hey all, Don't know if this needs to be in the Autocross section but... I'm planning on going to the SCCA PDE (performance driving experience) at Pocono in June 2005. One of the tech requirements is that if you have a passenger seat with a folding back (don't all Vettes?) is must be either...
  11. silver98

    Notes from Sebring

    Sebring, Fla. - Unofficially Fast Champion Audi's No. 2 Audi R8, paced by three-time champion Frank Biela with teammates Emanuele Pirro and Allan McNish, turned the fastest time unofficially during practice Tuesday at Sebring International Raceway in preparation for Saturday's 53rd running of...
  12. silver98

    Transparent Lift-Off Top

    OK folks, I just got off the phone with Gm / Chevy. I have the streak / scratched, lamination seperation, or how ever you want to characterize it, issue on my 98. The issue appears to be indemic to all of these tops and manifests itself only on the passenger side, running longitudinally (front...
  13. silver98

    "Service Vehicle Soon" with Codes

    Hi folks, hope there is easy help out there for this one. Going very slow in traffic nearing a traffic light, I got the Service Vehicle Soon DIC message. Didn't get to check the codes until after a 160 mile round trip with relatively high speeds and a couple of recurring SVS messages. The...
  14. silver98

    "Corvette by Chevrolet"

    Do you guys always see this in the DIC? I see it once in a blue moon. I was wondering if it has anything to do with where you were in the DIC when you shut it down last. Any ideas? Ciao :w
  15. silver98

    Technical Service Bulletins

    Anyone know where / how I can get the TSBs for my vette?......without paying the NHTS folks an arm and a leg. Thanks, Joe
  16. silver98

    Driveway Material

    OK fellow DIYers, I need to replace my single lane driveway, its shot! I live in southeastern Pennsylvania, and I mostly see macadam driveways. My parents live in Florida (there's a surprise) and have a concrete driveway. With the blacktop up here, there is the annual obligatory top sealling...
  17. silver98

    Lexan Top Scratched

    Hi folks, The orignal owner of my vette regularly used and automatic car wash :( . The transparent top now has these scratches on it. any idea how to get them out? Here is a pic of it, not sure how easy it is to see on the pic, but I there is no doubt its easy to see in person. Any help...
  18. silver98

    Mods and their effect on value

    :Steer Hi everyone, Just wanted to get some thoughts on this topic. I have an expectatin of having a long term relationship (marriage huh?:L ) with my 98 Vette. And to that point, what do you think mods performed to a C5 may do to the value of the vette in say 15 years or so? I seem to...
  19. silver98

    Clutch Longevity & Replacement Options

    Hi everyone. I know this question is riddled with variables, but from experience, what would you say is the longevity of the C5 clutch? With that stated, how about some loose parameters: 1) OEM Clutch Ass'y 2) No 'abuse', now I realize that is a vague term we all define differently :D , but...
  20. silver98

    Rookie Appearance Questions

    Hi Everyone, Just pickep up my 98 Sebring Silver 6 speed. My first! Its been a long time comin'. I would first like to provide a standing ovation to everyone; I read the saga of TheBlueVette. I've been to Advance Auto, AutoZone and Pep Boys looking for paint and leather appearance products...
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