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  1. WhalePirot

    Electrical issues

    I had a few weird C5 issues and found a thread in this section that detailed the locations of the ground point, 17 or so. As recommended, I cleaned up the easy to find ones and all issues cleared; never recurred.
  2. WhalePirot

    Stunning Tri-Black '02 Convertible Calif Car $17900

    Once in a great while a car appears that is an obvious BUY!! (even before a drive) This gorgeous Triple Black (15%) Corvette Convertible is a visual stunner; all stock but for (recent) wheels/tires/brakes (way more appealing). Nittos: 18" front, 19" rear, upsized 1"; calipers powder coated...
  3. WhalePirot

    Help! Southwest Regional forum posts; dupe and inaccessible

    Top three posts do not work. Another member reported the problem to me, also. I posted the first two, tried to delete the dupe..no luck. Please fix.:thumb
  4. WhalePirot

    1987 Corvette FSMs.. nice! both!

    Very nice, clean, near perfect pair of BOTH factory service manual books plus the supplemental manual, with corrections for the for the electrical manual. These are offered on A-zon for $140-150for similar or worse condition. E-mail or PM me.:w $120, shipped.
  5. WhalePirot

    News: A/C switch lessons - early C4

    Here's what I learned: My '84 is an early production, Z51 car; January. HotRodRoy's is a month later. The A/C in mine has been inop and mostly removed for years as mods were done, then refined. Recently, things went so well, under ZFDoc's care, that I had new A/C components sent to him for...
  6. WhalePirot

    Important! High oil pressure does not equate to good oil flow

    A good read, IMO, and perhaps correcting a common misperception.. I always learn something from HotRodRoy, who stopped by for a look and the inevitable chat. One topic was oil viscosity. A professional mechanic pal of mine said they oft use 10W60 synthetic in newer (Teutonic) cars that are...
  7. WhalePirot

    Review: no fuel pfress change; parts seem ok

    no fuel press change; parts seem ok Odd issue, here, which may be a sticky diaphragm in the FPR (non-adjustable). -Fuel pressure w/ vacuum hose pulled is proper; that vacuum reads 22psi; about right. -Using a hand vac pump attached to the FPR, it holds vac pressure perfectly, but but minimal...
  8. WhalePirot

    Bilsteins, Early C4 rear

    F/S: Bilsteins, Early C4 rear Near new, in original box; installed for about a month on a non-daily driver. These were removed when the original Bilsteins were redone by them. The local Corvette shop had only the rears, which I why I have no fronts. $100 (half price) + actual shipping
  9. WhalePirot

    Spring Mtn coupon $1

    deleted :w
  10. WhalePirot

    Need 6-spd C4 bellhousing

    Found: 6-spd C4 bellhousing Cannot delete these threads. Thanks.:w
  11. WhalePirot

    Brake Fluid paper, by Chem engr.

    I found this, from another place, to be interesting reading. Brake Fluid Facts, by Steve Wall As a former materials engineering supervisor at a major automotive brake system supplier, I feel both qualified and obligated to inject some material science facts into the murky debate about DOT 5...
  12. WhalePirot

    New member question

    Welcome. You found, arguably the nicest group of cars guys on any forum. An OP should move this post to the C3 forum, where there may be more attention and answers. As the sound varies with RPM it's likely related to the tach. AFAIK, you could unscrew the tach drive from the distributor and...
  13. WhalePirot

    Transmissions: richmond vs Tremec

    Transmissions: Richmond vs Tremec I am kicking around the idea of swapping in an aftermarket manual and not finding what I want in the forum(s). I'll need one rated for 600 ft.lbs. minimum. Anyone have some great reading material on this topic? Thx. :w
  14. WhalePirot

    Help! unable in mozilla

    I can only access the home page on Firefox. no access to forums or any other pages; only error message. I've no interest in using IE, thx. :w
  15. WhalePirot

    early C4 amber tail lights

    round, great condition. $100, shipped (to USA). I get a good discount for overseas FedEx. PM me.
  16. WhalePirot

    Help! Short circuit, left side fuel "90 Sped Density

    Short circuit, left side fuel '90 Speed Density Pulled the PITA Lingenfelter intake to check for pinched wires to the FIs. Maybe relieved it, but I started checking resistance to ground in a number of places, with my digital VOM. I NEED to ensure of a fix before reassembling it. (FelPro...
  17. WhalePirot

    '84 front down/Y-pipe

    $50 +ship, from SoCal. Little.no rust. Also fits '85, with single, 4-bolt flange. PM me, plz.
  18. WhalePirot

    Important! Warning: allfordautowrecking (eBay) All Ford Salvage, Anaheim, CA

    DO NOT BUY from this dishonest place. The title here is the eBay merchant name, the second the business name and locale. Short form: I bought an Rustang engine for a project and it has a damaged piston, despite being represented as low miles, drop in and go. Problem is, as projects go, it...
  19. WhalePirot

    Weird fuel pressure (zero) loss

    Zero fuel pressure - fixed Finally; the engine all ready to fire. It rotated well and acted like it wished to run... no start.. CRAP! Someone is getting weary of this project, accentuated by the humid heat wave. The first suspect, after checking the fuse, is the relay, having caused...
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