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  1. Fuelie

    Calling Stepinwolf...........

    Hi Bob, How is your latest 572 cube project coming along? Give us all some "eye candy" pics to let us share in the excitement:D Take care, Brian ps: Jane says Hello:w
  2. Fuelie

    Frame spec drawings

    I am looking for copies of the factory frame spec drawings for '68-'72, '73, '74, '75-'77 and '78-'79 vettes. They used to be in the front section of the Corvette Service Manuals. I have the '56-'62, '63-'67 and the '80-'82 vette drawings on my website in .pdf form if anyone needs to...
  3. Fuelie

    Cleaning Aluminum trans case

    Does anyone know a good way to really clean the tailshaft housing for a Muncie 4 speed? I have washed and scrubbed the part in varsol but it will not come out as clean and bright as the main case. I have several other 4 speeds and they all seem to have the same tendancy to be darker than the...
  4. Fuelie

    Speaking of winter projects.........

    What is everyone planning to do to or with their cars over the coming winter? I have started to get thinks organized in my small garage so that my wife and I can get some suspension work done to her '78. It is a very original car and is now in need of some bushings and such. To allow this in...
  5. Fuelie

    Comparison views

    I was over visiting '67 Heaven today and I am truly impressed with this car:cool Unless you see this car next to another mid year it is tough for most folks to realize the true impact of the mean stance. I have included a pic of his car and my stock '65 from the same angle(except for...
  6. Fuelie

    Mid-year springs

    I am looking for a good source for front coil springs for a '66 small block with A/C and an original style rear spring. I have seen too many mid-years that seem to sit too high with new springs.
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