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    Need storage Oct 07 to April 08 in or near Las Vegas or LA or Phoenix

    If any Forum member knows of enclosed auto storage where I could safely store my Vette from approximately Oct 07 to April 08 preferably in the Las Vegas or LA or Phoenix areas, please PM me with storage contact info. In Jan and/or Feb I would like to be able to leave here.....the land of snow...
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    C5Z06 Tranny vs C6Z06 Tranny differences

    I drive an 04 Z06. The notchiness, maybe it's just me but the C5 Z tranny does not give me alot of confidence that I am always going to get the right gear on the downshift and not being able to get it into first or reverse at times detracts from the great driving experience of the C5 Z06. Drove...
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